Water Diviner world TV premiere on Seven

After premiering in cinemas on Boxing Day this is as fast as they come to Free to Air television.


Next Monday night Seven screens Russell Crowe’s latest movie, The Water Diviner.

After premiering in cinemas on Boxing Day this is as fast as they come to Free to Air television, due to Seven being an investor in the film.

It has a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Directed by Russell Crowe. Screenplay, Andrew Knight, Andrew Anastasios. Cast: Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko, Yilmaz Erdogan, Cem Yilmaz, Jai Courtney, Ryan Corr, Ben O’Toole, James Fraser, Steve Bastoni, Dylan Georgiades, Isabel Lucas, Salih Kalyon, Megan Gale, Jacqueline McKenzie, Damon Herriman, Dan Wyllie, Christopher Sommers, Benedict Hardie, Michael Dorman, Robert Mammone, Jack Patterson, Benn Norris, Aidan Smith.

It premieres 9pm Monday on Seven.

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  1. I watched this on foxtel box office in HD(the only way to watch it, along with no ads and 7 watermark), pretty good film, 9pm on a monday night for a 2 hr film, should be on a sunday night.

  2. This is a very thing to happen so soon after its release in cinema. Not even DVDs come out this fast after a movie premiere. Great news, its an important film and even more important considering the timing so well done to Russell Crowe and Seven.

    1. “Not even DVDs come out this fast after a movie premiere.”
      As others have already said, the DVD came out more than 3 weeks ago. Seven’s financial backing and ANZAC day coming soon are the reasons for the relatively quick turn-around from cinema release to TV.

    1. The DVD/Blu-ray was released a few weeks ago. I bought the Blu-ray version and it didn’t work in my Blu-ray player (nor in my PC). I exchanged it for another and I had the same problem. I contacted the distributor eOne to find out if there was a recall or a possible problem and I never saw a reply. I returned the second disc and got a full refund. Absolutely ridiculous.

      This is a nice surprise though. I knew Seven had the broadcasting rights to it, but I didn’t think that they would want to burn it off so soon. The only disappointment here is that it won’t be in HD.

  3. The Seven Network backed and co-produced the film. Which is why it had endless commercials for it during its theatrical release. And ran “behind the scenes” promotional “programs”.

    No big deal for them to run it on their network. And the timing cashes in perfectly with Anzac Day and the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli

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