Whatever happened to Scandal’us?

They were the successors to Bardot in 2001’s reality hit Popstars, but the five singers who comprised Scandal’us had disbanded by 2002.

While their debut song Me, Myself & I charted at #1, their follow up Make Me Crazy could only manage #30. Ahh fickle pop fans….

News Corp has managed to track down Jason Bird, Daniela Scala, Tamara Jaber, Simon Ditcham and Anna Belperio.

“It was one of the best times of my life,” Tamara Jaber (since split from husband Kyle Sandilands) said.

“Our record deal was based on the TV show and when the show ended there was really no structure, manager or funds to let us continue.”

But that’s not the way Scala remembers it.

“Tamara (Jaber) wanted to go solo, that was the whole reason (the band broke up),” she said.

Several of the five are still performing which you can read more about here.

And to think they were never asked to reform for us at Eurovision. Scandal (us).


  1. That was an interesting read! It’s never occurred to me before to wonder what people do after they leave the limelight, but it looks like we’ve got some diverse paths here. I love how Anna went back to being a normal person – that was nice! Simon was a real surprise, though. Wow.

  2. Maybe TEN should revise this for one or two seasons, and just focus short term reality series to complement their long term series like Mchef. Then they can hold onto the formats and on sell later

    • Jonno if it’s a slow news day I would knock off at midday, not file until 6 (and then many more hours behind the scenes as this comment indicates). As I’ve noted before, I run a blog so it has always had a mix of light and heavier news. I really enjoyed the News Corp article of digging up a blast from the past, and thought my readers would enjoy it (some already suggesting I do this more often). Stories are pretty obvious what they pertain to on the home page before you choose to click on it. Thanks.

      • Sorry if you took offence to this comment David but it was just an opinion about the worthiness of a story about what I think was a lame band that had 1 hit with the backing of a huge TV show and then nothing. I was not having a go at your work ethic but story selection. Yes I chose to click on it but you also chose to have comments.

    • Slow News Day comments are as frustrating as “No one cares” comments. Personally, loved the flashback and want to see more of this. I don’t have the time to research for myself the Where Are They Now types but if DK wants to, im not gonna stop it. After all, it’s his blog jonno, not yours…

      • Agree, it was good to see what they were up to these days and a bit of inside info on what happened (in the full article). If someone was so disinterested in it why even bother to click on it, read it and then comment. If there’s a Downton Abbey or Survivor article personally I avoid it altogether out of complete disinterest instead of commenting negatively on it but that’s just me.

    • Tell that to News Limited who had it as the number 3 story on their website yesterday! More important than the drowning deaths!

      On the other hand, great story for a tv blog!

  3. Haha. I remember seeing them perform (one song?) in Rundle Mall, Adelaide. How embarrassing.
    But fun to see what’s happened to them. Maybe more “Where are they now?” Segments, David?

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