ABC picks up No Offence

ABC has acquired Paul Abbott’s new "un-PC" police procedural.


ABC has acquired Paul Abbott’s new “un-PC” police procedural, No Offence, from FremantleMedia International.

Abbott (Shameless, State of Play) has penned a series on a crack team of police officers who clamp down on crime. It premiered in the UK this week.

No Offence is crime on steroids – it’s gripping, daring and a great reflection of Paul Abbott’s remarkable talents,” said Jens Richter, CEO of FMI.

The Guardian said of the show:

No Offence is bold and rude but not crude. Dark certainly, but also – as you’d expect from Abbott – vibrant, warm, rich and real. The one thing I’m not convinced by is a tiny one: the green tiles. To me, they say more public convenience, or perhaps some kind of municipal retro-metro chic, than police station. It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t get so much attention from the person pointing the camera … It really doesn’t matter actually, and the toilet, as I said, is central to No Offence, and to its humour. Hilarious and fabulous, then; count me very much in.

Source: C21

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