Airdate: Catching Milat


True crime miniseries Catching Milat will air on Seven over the next two Sunday nights May 17 and 24.

The Shine Australia drama stars Mal Kennard as convicted backpacker killer Ivan Milat who buried seven bodies in Belanglo State Forest in the 1990s.

The drama also features Richard Cawthorne, David Field and Geoff Morrell.

Milat, now aged 70, is serving 7 consecutive life sentences plus 18 years without parole. He was recently the subject of a further Sunday Night investigation.


  1. Not watching as we are currently watching Poldark on ABC. Will the song Runaway Train by Soul Asylum be featured? From memory the video clip for Australia had to be remade as 3 of the backpackers were featured in it. Apologise if I am wrong.

  2. I agree with MuchoTB. The thing that bothers me with stories like this is that you know the person at the centre of them (in this case, Milat) is enjoying the attention. Notoriety is a large part of their motivation, so why give them the satisfaction?

  3. oceanographer

    A friend of mine was an extra during filming in January last year and have been waiting for this show ever since. Should be compelling viewing, I wouldn’t write it off before its even gone to air. Aussie drama should be supported considering the amount of reality shows are being being shoved into tv schedules.

    • Yes, give it a chance.
      It is supposedly based on the excellent book, ‘Sins of The Brother’, about Milat’s upbringing and the investigation leading to his arrest and conviction.
      The book is not sensationalist or voyeuristic in any way – it is very well written and portrays the story sensitively.
      Hopefully this miniseries does the same.

      I think this will rate very well as anything to do with serial killers, especially one as notorious as Milat, seems to fascinate the general public.

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