Airdate: Safe House

In July BBC First will screen a 4 part drama series, Safe House.

It stars Christopher Eccleston, Marsha Thomason, Paterson Joseph, Peter Ferdinando, Jason Merrells, and Nicola Stephenson.

The thriller, described as a fresh take on the investigative crime genre, is written by Michael Crompton (New Tricks, Kidnap and Ransom, Silent Witness).

Safe House tells the story of a married couple – Robert (Eccleston), a former police detective and Katy (Thomason), a school teacher- who turn their guest house, set in a remote and idyllic part of the Lake District, into a police safe house. As a consequence of running the safe house, Robert begins to question the events and the people around him, including his friend and trusted former boss, Mark (Joseph) – and soon it transpires that nothing is what it seems, and that everybody has something to hide.

Wednesdays at 8.30pm from July 15 on BBC First.

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