Airdate: Unseen & Untold: The Blues Brothers


Next month the BIO channel screens a Spike TV doco, Unseen & Untold: The Blues Brothers, discussing how key scenes of the 1980 film were staged.

This was produced for the 30th anniversary of the iconic film in 2010, but is an Aussie premiere.

The suits, the shades, the Timex watches, ties and tattoos. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are the original Men in Black, and they’re headed on a musical journey from a clink in Joliet to a Chicago high rise. Find out how Director John Landis and John Belushi parlayed their success from National Lampoon’s Animal House into a grossly over budget film filled with the wildest car crashes of its time, the funniest comedians of the day, and the best music the R&B world has, and ever will, churn out. This special takes a never-before-seen look at how The Blues Brothers went platinum.

Tuesday June 16 at 9.30pm on BIO.

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