Carrie Bickmore wins Gold Logie 2015


Carrie Bickmore has won the Gold Logie Award for 2015.

She defeated Andy Lee, Asher Keddie, Hamish Blake, Scott Cam and Stephen Peacocke for the top gong, after earlier winning a Silver as Most Popular Presenter.

The Project star used the platform to do what viewers have loved her for doing: speaking from the heart.

“Every 5 hours someone is diagnosed with brain cancer and 8 out of 10 people will die from brain Cancer,” said Bickmore.

“In 2010 my husband Greg was one of the unlucky ones. And after a long, long, long battle he died from brain cancer.

“Over ten years I watched him suffer multiple seizures a day, lose feeling down one side of his body.

“He was a great husband and a great brother. And he was a great friend. But he shouldn’t have had to go through that. No one should have to go through that. And that’s why I want to talk about it tonight.

“Throughout his cancer journey he used to wear a lot of hats – he used to wear a lot of beanies. And that was because he felt embarrassed about his scars and his head. And I used to say to him: ‘Don’t be embarrassed, scars are really, really cool’. And beanies are also really cool.”

She urged people to wear a beanie to promote awareness of Brain Cancer.

“I want to ask anybody that’s on TV in Australia tomorrow to whack on a beanie I want to get the nation talking about brain cancer. It receives next to no funding which is ludicrous. Because without funding more people are going to die and as I just said eight out of 10 people that are diagnosed will die from this disease.

“So anyone, Sam, Kochie, Karl, Lisa, whoever’s on TV tomorrow whack on a beanie if you’re going to school tomorrow, kids, put a beanie on. If you’re going to work put a beanie on. Take a pic of yourself with the hashtag ‘Beanies For Brain Cancer.’

“I want to dedicate this award tonight to anyone that’s going through a really shit time right now. Anyone that’s supporting someone through a really tough time right now. Please believe that there will be a brighter day for you. Please believe that.”


  1. I’ve not seen any comments on this elsewhere but I’d like to offer a small tribute to Carrie’s partner Chris Walker who has been such a rock of support. Good on him.

  2. Great that she used her air time as a platform for a greater cause, but this should really be the norm in award ceremonies. It often happens in US award shows. Needs to happen more here.

  3. What would’ve made it awesome last night was when Carrie put her beanie on everybody else should’ve put theirs on as well.
    Well done Carrie

  4. Huge congratulations to Carrie. She is one of the best and really deserved the win. The speech was one of the best i have heard in a long while. Good on her for doing what she did.

  5. It’s interesting how The Project is a low rating show compared to other shows that also had Gold Logie Nominees and how The Project rarely shows up in the 16-39 Demo’s ratings (which are TV Week Buyers as well) and yet Carrie Bickmore wins. Does this point more to that Demo watching via catch-up services online, which is where they may get the TV Week fix from as well, or is it that they just vote more times.

    Not saying Carrie doesn’t deserve the win, just if you compare ratings and Demo’s to the win it seems like there is something missing in our Rating System, like if The Project constantly was in the 16-39 Demo’s, them voting lots of times would make sense.

    • Yes they were both oddities as well, much like how going back Kingswood Country won Most Popular Comedy Series and had been axed at the time by Seven for low ratings. As I said I find it interesting that these things occur versus what the ratings say about them, it is no slight on the show or performer, just something I find an interesting oddity (and wonder why).

  6. A beautiful speech. Such an amazing and selfless act to use the time for a cause so worthy – especially in comparison to Scott Cam’s self indulgent rant last year…

    • Oh charming. Carrie is far more worthy than most and her speech last night was terrific. I love that she gets emotionally involved with so many causes, and very impressed with the fact that with all the heartbreak of her husband’s illness, which most of us knew nothing about, she still managed to front up every night (almost) on The Project, bright and cheerful. Her sheer courage and constant presence on TV makes her a worthy winner. When did we see Hamish & Andy last year? Very occasionally .. and the others maybe nightly/ weekly for a short period of time.

      And The Project is not a terrible show. They do great work five nights a week, nearly all year round.

    • Really??!! The Project has a very loyal following and it is nightly viewing in our house.

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch – but there are plenty of us that do!!

    • In your opinion it is a terrible show MJL. It’s ratings may not be the highest, but it’s viewers are very loyal. Carrie and the show in general resonated enough with viewers for her to take out the Silver and Gold Logie, say no more 🙂

    • Better than it going to a guy who writes numbers on a chalkboard for a job then delivers a self indulgent speech.
      Congratulations to Carrie. Her speech was a perfect example of her humility.

  7. CherryPizza

    So, after the hearty emotion of Carrie’s speech, are people going to be burned at the stake for pointing out that #beaniesforbraincancer is going to be the most cynical act of slacktivism since changing your Facebook profile pic for a cause?

    • Secret Squïrrel

      I thought the most recent slacktivism was the ice bucket challenge where people could choose to donate or do something silly and most people chose the silly option.

    • No, people are not actively donating money to the cause but at least awareness is being raised. Greater awareness = greater potential for more funding.
      She has at least drawn the Australian publics eye to the way this terrible disease is affecting people. Many people in Australia have more idea about brain cancer thanks to her last night. People now know that it’s not a rare disease and that it affects a lot of people under 40. Good on her, I say.

  8. Dantheman84

    I’m so effing happy for Carrie. She deserves it. Always speaking from the heart and showing a lot of grace. Her performance on the project over the last 5 years has been excellent. TVT viewers picked it giving Carrie the double.

  9. bettestreep2008

    I’m still trying to get a grip from a telecast that started with a ripper Dave Hughes opening and an ultra-brilliant speech from Deserved Gold Logie winner Carrie Bickmore. OMG I am still trembling as I type – but Carrie did a Patricia Arquette and used her ‘moment in the shine’ to do what was right. Bravo Carrie. I will wear a beanie tomorrow. Effing brilliant!!

  10. Shoudy Chen

    Congratulations to Carrie Bickmore for her outstanding Gold Logie. She was a very lucky lady and will dedicate to Greg Lange who died of cancer in 2010. #FourthTimeLucky

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