Denise Drysdale: “I was chuffed” at campaign for Hall of Fame


Beloved Aussie performer Denise Drysdale has thanked the male TV stars who suggested her name in TV Tonight‘s recent campaign for more women in the Logies Hall of Fame.

Whilst admitting she wasn’t big on social media interaction, their support still managed to reach her.

“I couldn’t get over how many people you asked. I don’t know those people personally, so for them to say such lovely things I was just chuffed,” she said.

“I got goosebumps, because I don’t do any of this. I tried Twitter once but it gave me thrush!” she joked.

“Since then I’ve stayed right away from anything to do with computers.”

In Sunday’s broadcast Kerri-Anne Kennerley was also endorsed as a worthy contender, while Denise Scott used comedy to get her point across, saying that she had stumbled into the men’s toilets earlier in the night, “and here I was in a room full of men, and I thought, where am I – the Logies Hall of Fame?”

Meanwhile Drysdale, who won Gold trophies in 1975 along with Ernie Sigley and 1976 with Norman Gunston, also notes that by 1978 dual trophies had been abandoned for one single award.

“Here’s the question to ponder: If the Gold Logie, when I got mine, was only 1 Gold Logie for female or male –would I have gotten a Gold Logie?” she asks.

“It’s an interesting question but I think I was just lucky.”

Attending the night with Please Like Me co-star Debra Lawrence (pictured, left) and veteran and former Gold Logie winner Hazel Phillips, she couldn’t help but deliver one final dig -but it isn’t clear if it was directed at the Logies or the industry as a whole.

“They don’t believe in any history, I don’t think.”


  1. generalising here do forgive the sexism, I would assume the majority of people that work for and read TV Week would be female. So it surprises me that there hasn’t already been a shift to have 3 awards for the hall of fame, I also think most popular male and female personality should be re-introduced, all though if we look at the history books, woman hold there own quite well in that regard, I guess it’s because it’s woman voting for them. they say tv is a mans game. yet I would say there are probably more woman on our screens today than ever. I know going back to when Tv launched it was a mans game, simply because most came across from radio, It’s time to induct the Ladies. I also think if someone who has made a huge contribution to tv passes away they should be inducted into the hall of fame, as well as, 1 woman, 1 man, 1 tv show,

  2. I love how Denise can mix it with all the big stars but also comes out to little country halls and mixes with everyday people. She has to be the most “normal” person on TV and that’s why I love her.

  3. Yeah, good point rockym. Interesting that the public has voted for lots of women to win Gold since it became just one (Rowena Wallace, Kylie Minogue, Lisa McCune, Jana Wendt, Kate Ritchie, Georgie Parker, Carrie B, Asher Keddie, Rebecca Gibney) and meanwhile the “industry” has only seen fit to find one woman worthy of the Hall of Fame! Shocking.

  4. i never knew there were separate gold logies for males and females, thankfully when it changed to one gold logie it didn’t go the way of the hall of fame and ignore women

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