Fans of Survivor to choose next cast


Survivor, the king of shows for reinvention, has announced the latest casting angle for its 31st season: viewers will choose the cast.

Fans are being asked to select 10 males and 10 females from 32 previous contestants in a “Second Chance” season. None of the 32 have previously won the show’s million dollar prize.

The list also includes some current contestants who will be ineligible should they win the big bucks

Survivor has previously included former contestants, but Jeff Probst says the idea of a ‘second chance’ season started brewing during the first season, and was “a fun way to allow our loyal fans to be involved in the creative process.”.

Results of viewer voting will be announced during the upcoming reunion show in two weeks time.

Voting does not appear to be open to Australian fans of the show.


  1. Yeah, I voted with Aussie details. I’m disappointed there aren’t more people to choose from though. I guess the logistics of having a number of options who are actually available if they are successfully voted causes complications though.

  2. I have some feeling of who may go on. I think Stephen from S18 (He’s a co-host on Rob Has A Podcast (Not that Rob!!), which is a big deal in the Survivor community), Shren from this 30 (A bit of a fan fav), and brains from 28 (each of them are fan fave). The people you could count out are most of them from 19-24 (most of them are dud seasons and not many people remember them) .

  3. The second chance casting options are hit and miss. There are a lot of awful choices like Woo and Keith, so hopefully that increases the chances of your actual favourites to get back on. Like Keith and Woo, I feel there are a lot of players that we have already seen what they bring to the table, and it isn’t impressive, so why are they getting another shot?

    That said, I hope the early season players return – Kelly Wigglesworth, Kimmi from Outback, T-Bird, Peih-Gee.
    And for the guys – Jeff Varner, Shane Powers.

    A lot of recency bias in these options, like was said earlier. We really don’t need to see 5 people from Worlds Apart who just played. No thanks.

  4. A good mix of 20 males and females to choose 10 from, but my issue is that because Carolyn from the current season is in there, does that mean she obviously doesn’t win this season, yet she hasn’t been voted out yet. They kind of spoiled that one for us.

    I love that they have contestants that didn’t even make the merge (I voted for every person that didn’t make the merge in their season). Bring back Kimmy from season 2. That finger waiving incident with Alicia is still in my brain!

    • Mike is also an option, and both Carolyn and Mike are still in the game. Apparently Jeff Probst said in an interview that they are eligible, but if they win the game, they are ineligible to return. So the next highest vote getter of their gender would take that spot.

      I guess if someone like Mike wasn’t included as an option, it would be seen as a spoiler that he wins the game, because he is quite popular and you would expect him to be asked back if he lost? So it’s seen as a ‘spoiler’ either way.

  5. Having been a fan since day one, I just had to vote! Registered (using USA VPN location) and USA zipcode. My problem then was that I HAD to choose 10 women/10 men. I only really wanted 5 of each to return. The rest I did not like at all. So I just voted for the eldest contestants, lol.

  6. Some nice early season options in there (Kelly Wiglesworth, Jeff Varner, Deitz, Savage, Powers), complete overkill having 5 options from the current season though and half the male options from the past 2 years.

  7. jezza the first original one

    When are we going to move away from tropical beach paradise locations. It is time for Survivor Syria, Survivor Aden, Survivor Tehran….c’mon where is their imagination

      • The Things I've Seen.

        To be fair the producers have said that one of their favourite seasons was season 2: Australia, that was in the outback. Whilst a new location could work, as they have said they would like to come back, they have said it’s just too expensive to do so.
        A new location could work if the producers choose the right location and, more importantly, a great cast.

      • Granted Gabon was absolutely terrible, but Amazon is still one of my favorite seasons, China and Tocantins were good and Australia and Africa were perfectly fine as far as super early seasons go.

        It just depends how well casting have done their jobs – eg. they’re filming in the same location as last season but the casting was superior this time around so this cycle has been a better product.

  8. How did you get an account? It keeps saying zip code is incorrect even when I put in an american one…… I guess I’ll just change the country to America.

  9. The Things I've Seen.

    I just voted successfully. As long as you have a CBS account.
    I’m interested to see who gets in. Hopefully a mix of older and newer contestants.
    (B.T.W Survivor if you ever need an Australian, here I am. Also let’s talk about some ideas to change up the game.)

  10. Voting is open to Australian fans! All you have to do is go to the website and register for a CBS account. Australia is an option for country of residence. I voted yesterday and it worked.

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