House Rules ratings on Struggle Street

Ratings: House Rules remains in third place in the Reality battle, while SBS doco is the #1 show in Sydney.


Seven’s renovation series House Rules is the loser in the three way Reality contest at 7:30pm, while controversial series Struggle Street won its timeslot last night.

Without any Reality simulcasting on Wednesday the numbers are much clearer, with MasterChef still in front at 1.03m, ahead of Reno Rumble‘s 791,000 and House Rules‘ 631,000.

But the big winner was SBS doco Struggle Street, winning its timeslot with an excellent 935,000 viewers, the #1 show in Sydney last night. That upset the overall shares, although Seven managed a network win thanks to its audience returning to multichannels.

Seven won with 27.1% then Nine 26.5%, TEN 23.2%, ABC 15.3% and SBS 9.7%.

Seven News (1.05m / 983,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (765,000), House Rules (631,000), Criminal Minds (588,000 / 460,000) and Million Dollar Minute (540,000).

Nine News (1.1m / 1.06m) topped the night for Nine then A Current Affair (975,000), Reno Rumble (791,000), Hot Seat (604,000), The Amazing 90s (530,000) and Forever (318,000 / 222,000).

MasterChef (1.03m) was down by 200,000 but remains strong for TEN. The Project was 646,000 / 502,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 573,000, later editions of Wonderland (489,000) and The Good Wife (214,000) played out around 9:15 and 10:15 respectively.

ABC News (846,000) topped ABC then 7:30 (770,000), QI (559,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (443,000), Agony (368,000), Antiques Roadshow (306,000) and 8MMM (299,000).

Following Struggle Street‘s (935,000) knockout numbers on SBS ONE were Sacred Wonders of Britain (278,000), SBS World News (194,000) and The Legacy (170,000) -up by 60,000.

GO!’s Big Bang Theory topped multichannels at 281,000.

Sunrise: 336,000
Today: 314,000
ABC News Breakfast: 110,000 / 49,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 6 May 2015

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  1. Firstly David nice play on words in headline. I think if mc stays above or around the mill. Ten will be happy. HR getting the treatment it deserves 20 mins was enough for me. Nice to see SBS do well

  2. We know viewers (in equivalent viewer minutes) just as accurately as Tuesday night.
    For Wednesday night we can compare main channel numbers directly.

    In total viewers they all dropped from their heavily promoted premieres: MC 202k, RR 82k and HR 160k. So Seven is even more worried.

    1. I reckon all networks would still be worried. Nine really needs a breakout – they are way behind for the year. Ten has lost most viewers off their premiere. Seven will be praying for their normal House Rules ascension.

  3. I agree one hit show is not enough for TEN when the rest of their content & future offerings is average,you just have to look at their overall share which has them sitting third…still better than being the no.4 channel i guess for now.

  4. Watched the premieres of House Rules and Reno Rumble last night after Masterchef and hate to say it, but Reno Rumble is the far better programme to watch. That first episode of House Rules was the dullest hour of television I’ve watched in years.

    I could see future seasons of Reno Rumble working with teams of fresh contestants, or one team of ex-Blockheads and one team of brand new people. Could be a way of doing two seasons of reno each year without them both just being The Block (and both being 3+ months long).

  5. I bet those garbos and the councillors are regretting that publicity stunt that backfired on them yesterday. A show that probably would got less than 200,000 viewers just got five times that amount due to all the big promotion drummed up by all those protestors. SBS should hire them for their advertising department because they sure know how to bring in the ratings.

  6. I really enjoyed The Weekly with Charlie Pickering last night. Sharp, insightful and funny. Tom Gleason is a real surprise packet and a much (darker) comedian that I previous thought he was.

  7. Great result for SS, the sleeper publicity driven by the participants outrage worked superbly aided magnificently by the council’s garbage truck demo. If they were all genuinely hoping to diminish the show, well they failed….big time.

    Hopefully all the comm chs will start developing their own poverty porn shows and PP will be the next big new reality genre……

  8. You’d have to think The Voice would’ve been a better option for 9, at least it wouldn’t be the samey kind of offering as 7, and if they run the Voice against X Factor later on, then 10 could benefit again if they run Loser as the alternative to the samey singing shows

  9. Masterchef in its early days is taking a far more moral high road than the Reno shows. Glad Ten are nurturing it rather than flogging it to death like they did two years ago with spin-offs.

  10. I’m watching House Rules, but did switch over to SBS for Struggle Street, and will again next week. From what I have seen so far of Reno Rumbles, there is more bitchiness and drama than any other reality show. Not a fan, but good to see Masterchef doing well for TEN.

    1. Could the bitchiness in RR the reason it has done better than HR? I thought lots of people were complaining about this sort of over melodramatic bitchiness. And MKR has ‘toned down’ the bitchiness especially this year and could this explain the reason (or part of it) for its decline?

      I think for the next couple of months, Nine won’t be too much of a threat to Seven. If The Voice was on now, it may have had a greater impact.

    2. I disagree Reno rumble is less bitchy then block and MKR and MHR it’s far nicer, no ones as been really nasty, unlike other shows. Maybe u changed channel on one bit but the whole ep was fine, also they should get love for finishing in a hour

  11. There were dozens of articles in every major paper over the last two weeks about Struggle Street. As Mae West famously said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    The ABC must be happy that 8MMM built on last week’s ratings. I can’t recall the last time an ABC comedy actually picked up, rather than lost, viewers as it went on.

  12. Well, that ghastly Reno Rumble is spoiling House Rules, which I’m sure was the intention. You can’t help but think the Voice would have done better against masterchef than what RR is. The Voice is probably being saved to try and spoil X-Factor this year though. Some pretty smart, strategic programming this year from Nine.
    Congrats to Masterchef, it’s always like an old friend returning when it comes back each year. It’s shaping up to be another great season.

      1. Except that 9 won’t care about TEN taking the lead at 7.30
        Ratings are all about gaining advertising revenue, and even with MasterChef doing well, it is still a two horse race between 7 and 9.
        Overall share is what both 7 and 9 will be focused on. TEN doesn’t even count on the radar, just winning one timeslot.

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