Netflix apologises for billing errors


Netflix has apologised to subscribers who have been hit with billing errors.

Several subscribers took to Twitter with screenshots of bank accounts indicating repeat debits.

A Netflix spokesman told Fairfax a small percentage of customers had been billed multiple times but no money had been taken from their accounts and the issued had been resolved.

“While no extra money was withdrawn from users’ accounts, it may take several days for the authorisations to drop from users’ bank accounts,” Neflix said in a statement.

“Members may contact Netflix customer service if they have additional issues. We regret any inconvenience related to the problem.”


  1. They charged me 8 times! I’m still waiting for it all to come back. I’m on a student income. I can’t afford to have this happen. I cancelled immediately and won’t be going back. It’s an absolute disgrace.

  2. Same on ours, but it does not say “pending” (which is bad)… We have two duplicate billing entries for the same period and they appear to have both actually been billed. Will need to check with the bank again however.

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