Next stop Hollywood for doubly-talented Miranda Tapsell

Whilst Carrie Bickmore’s acceptance speech at the Logies quite rightly nabbed most of the headlines, special mention must also go to the gracious words by actress Miranda Tapsell.

Tapsell walked away with both New Talent awards on the night, in Most Popular and Most Outstanding categories.

When she won for Most Popular, the Love Child star got a rousing cheer for her words, “Put more beautiful people of colour on TV and connect viewers in ways which transcend race that unite us. That’s the real Team Australia, thank you very much.”

For the second year running the Outstanding New Talent carries a prize package that any actor would relish: a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles, a one-year scholarship at Stella Adler Acting School in LA, and mentoring with prominent industry contacts. Last year’s recipient Remy Hii most recently appeared in the Netflix series, Marco Polo (although in truth he had the role before winning the gong).

TV Tonight asked Miranda Tapsell ahead of the ceremony what the opportunity would mean to her.

“It would mean so much. I would love to try America out one day, it would be really wonderful thing,” she said.

“If I won it would make that dream happen.”

In the end she walked away with both awards, despite only having one acceptance speech prepared.

“I’m a prepper like that, I can’t do things off the cuff. I’m an actress I need a script!”


  1. shadow3lite

    If she does go to America & she’s will because she’s cool we will probably never see her coming back here in Australia once a Australian goes to America & make it they never come back

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