Nine revives The Farmer Wants a Wife

Nine's rural dating series is set to return.


Nine has announced it is reviving its rural dating show, The Farmer Wants a Wife.

The series, previously hosted by Natalie Gruzlewski, ran for 8 seasons.

The show has spawned 8 marriages, 9 children and 3 couples still in long term relationships.

It last aired in 2012 and was followed by the unsuccessful When Love Comes to Town.

Nine announced the FremantleMedia series would return later this year.


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  1. Can’t channels find some other shows to develop instead of all the stupid reality boy wants girl shows that we have endured over the past few years, surely Australia can produce better than this , we have so much talent here but still end up with trashy viewing.

  2. I loved this show….as long as it is the original format….and not what the last two series turned into…….Nat…hmmm,,,I wonder if she will be back??
    Oh and remember folks…we dont all have to like the same thing…. 🙂

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