Ratings bliss for Married at First Sight

Ratings: Nine's new dating series begins well at 1.13m as the top entertainment show for Monday.


Nine may well have a new hit on its hands with a strong debut for Married at First Sight.

The show drew 1.13m viewers in its first outing, as the top entertainment show of the night and winning in all 5 cities. Despite some pre-show petitions it attracted mostly-positive feedback on Twitter, with some seemingly surprised they were drawn to the individuals putting their hearts on the line.

Nine network won Monday with 29.2% then Seven 24.8%, TEN 21.2%, ABC 19.4% and SBS 5.4%.

Nine News (1.28m / 1.18m) topped the night for Nine then ACA (1.17m), Married at First Sight (1.13m), Reno Rumble (797,000), and big numbers for Hot Seat (769,000). Footy Classified was 283,000 in 3 cities and Movie: The Big Wedding was 151,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News (1.17m / 1.1m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (864,000), House Rules was fourth in its slot but improved on last Monday (779,000), Million Dollar Minute (570,000) and Revenge (534,000 / 503,000). The Amazing Race was 156,000 and Talking Footy was 31,000 in 3 cities (81,000 on 7mate).

MasterChef Australia won its timeslot for TEN with 1.13m viewers. TEN managed a respectable night with TEN Eyewitness News (689,000), The Project (656,000 / 500,000), and a new high for Have You Been Paying Attention? (625,000). Elementary was 244,000 / 147,000.

ABC News (950,000) led ABC then Australian Story (903,000), 7:30 (852,000), Four Corners (753,000), Media Watch (637,000), Q & A (534,000) and Antiques Roadshow (409,000).

On SBS ONE it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (295,000), Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (209,000), SBS World News (178,000) and Inside the Dark Web (139,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 267,000.

Sunrise: 336,000
Today: 292,000
ABC News Breakfast: 92,000 / 37,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 18 May 2015

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  1. That’s great numbers for revenges 2nd episode at 10:00 don’t know why they are all of a sudden double episoding every week. There’s only about 11 episodes left. Treat it with respect, it’s been a good show for channel 7.

  2. What about 9 coping The X factor with the Voice, Dancing on Ice, with Dancing with the Stars, The great Australian Bake off with Masterchef and MKR, The channel 9 restaurant show now in production copying the channel 7 restaurant show, and the list goes on. Think channel 9 should be more original.

  3. I’m surprised at the number of negative comments regarding Married at First Site and I wonder how many of you actually watched it. This isn’t My Kitchen Rules or the Block and it’s certainly not your typical dating show. It was nice to see a reality show with a new idea and done quite well I thought. The fact that I can relate to the 4 individuals does give me a sense of empathy towards each of them. There was plenty of honesty from each of them and some really great and genuine moments. It probably won’t do as well next week and will never see the heights of My Kitchen Rules, but that’s because this show is more about the people and less about fake drama, which seems to be so popular on reality shows these days.

  4. People’s tastes have certainly changed over the last decade.Some shows that rate well these days don’t deserve air time and this is another one of those.For that many people tuning in to watch this pretend stuff is a pure waste of time.You guys do know it’s not real right

    1. Tastes have changed ….. or tastes have been changed? Through various techniques, audiences can be conditioned and manipulated into believing that bad is good, that excellence is dull and that mediocrity is actually ‘awesome’. This is what happens when people fail to develop the skill of critical thinking. They are putty in the hands of their manipulators.

  5. My guess is that 7 will be now working on their version of Married At First Sight. Just like they copied Masterchef with MKR and The Block with House Rules. Come on 7, come up with something original.

  6. TEN should gradually ween Family Feud off simulcast starting on Mondays, given high ratings for Millionaire Hot Seat and still OK numbers for Million Dollar Minute. I’m hopeful HYBPA can build!

  7. Married at First Sight is nothing more than a dating show. The marriages were fake to manufacture a false sense of drama, the science was a sham, the matchmaking experts just props given soundbites to deliver. The show is just about finding 8 likable telegenic singles, pairing them up and filming through the keyhole to see what happens.

    Watching it after the final episode of Mad Men was just a surreal experience.

  8. Hi David, would you happen to have the figures for yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Given TEN ran promos about the explosive transgender storyline, i’m just curious if it gained traction.

  9. That’s very very impressive numbers for Married At First Sight. Channel 9 gotta be happy with that.
    Correction was that Georgie Gardner’s voice i heard last night during MAFS.

  10. As much as I dislike the premise its still a nice job by nine. Not only were seven fourth at 730 timeslot but 830 timeslot beaten comfortably by ten and abc . only multis saving them atm.

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