Real Housewives, real insults.

Matchbox Pictures did themselves a disservice by allowing one insult to remain in the final edit. Warning: language.


Warning: language.

I get that the Real Housewives of Melbourne are playing things up for the cameras.

The insults fly left, right and centre: crazies, liars, prostitutes, racists, F this and C that. In an M classification show where catfights are the norm, you have to be prepared for just about anything even when it advises of Coarse Language.

But last night Matchbox Pictures did themselves a disservice by allowing one insult to remain in the final edit, when Gamble dished out a derogatory term to guest Manuela Pless-Bennett (pictured, left), whom she clearly had issues with.

“Your pussy’s too dry to ride me this hard, Manuela,” said Gamble. Charming.

It went one step further than Gina Liano’s comment in last year’s reunion about someone being an “insignificant arse-hair.”

Host Alex Perry did nothing to question Gamble on her choice of words, unless it was edited out of the conversation.

Given the number of young female watching this show, Gamble’s line would have been much better on the editing room floor.

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  1. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of this dreadful show, and I was amazed at the lack of dignity and self-respect shown by these silly women. Certainly, I’m sure the producers encourage conflict, what else would they do without any real content? But I find it amazing that a bunch of women would sink to those depths of school-ground battles. Needless to say, I’d choose needles in the eyes to watching more of this drivel – and that includes the American versions too! Crap, crap and more crap!

  2. This show just shows you how low Australian television standards has fallen. Matchbox pictures should be ashamed of them selves for making trash like this. Alex Perry fits the role of host perfectly, i don’t know who’s had more work, him or the “ladies” around him.

  3. when your show is devoid of content, you are only left with insults! Surely it is about time someone took Foxtel to the ACCC for false advertising – these people are the furthest thing from Real Housewives of Melbourne as you can get. What is it with Fox8 and “bully driven” shows – this one and next top model; especially as it is a female targeted channel.

    1. I haven’t seen every ep of ANTM but my general feeling is it used to be more bullying that it is now. Sure it is still making decisions on appearance and there is still the odd wayward remark, but it used to be more ferocious.

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