Real Housewives: “We all get very friendly during filming”

Catfights make good drama but behind the scenes, Real Housewives insist they are just good buddies.


On air it’s handbags at ten paces for The Real Housewives of Melbourne, and the fans just love it.

But behind the scenes the ladies admit to bonding a lot more which, according to Janet Roach (pictured, centre), could be the reason producers are keeping their options open for the third season cast.

“I think they’re always looking but I’m probably not the right person to ask. When they told us that, I said ‘You said that to us last year,'” she tells TV Tonight.

“We all get very friendly during the filming, so they had to bring 2 new girls in (in season 2).

“You actually become very close and bonded but I don’t know if that’s exactly what the producers are looking for. So if we’re all going to be mates and not say anything…. That’s why when the new girls came in it changed the dynamic which was great.

“I think they saw how well that went. But now we’ve all buddied up so they might need to throw some new cats amongst the pigeons.”

If she was asked, would she do it all over again?

“We’re all signed for 3 seasons at their behest. So if you’re saying that you might leave, you’re probably not.”

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion Pt 1 airs 8:30pm Sunday on Arena.

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