Redesign My Brain outsmarts the competition

Ratings: Todd Sampson has the smarts for ABC and MasterChef cooks up a storm on TEN -but Nine wins the night.


The return of Todd Sampson’s Redesign My Brain was a winner for ABC, topping its timeslot on 675,000 and trending on Twitter.

But on a relatively quiet night it was MasterChef at #1 in Total People and in Demos, creating headaches for rivals.

Nine network won Thursday with 26.6% then Seven 26.1%, TEN 24.0%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 6.0%.

Nine was under the magic million with Nine News (992,000 / 945,000), ACA (879,000), The Footy Show (649,000), Hot Seat (596,000) and Top Gear (531,000) -the latter will be lucky to survive in its timeslot on those numbers.

Seven News won its timeslot on 1.02m / 946,000 then Home and Away (716,000), Million Dollar Minute (513,000), House Rules (379,000 in 2 cities), Movie: The Sapphires (363,000) and Border Security: International (287,000 in 3 cities).

MasterChef topped the night with 1.05m for TEN. The Project was 659,000 / 498,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 588,000 and Law and Order: SVU (507,000 / 370,000).

ABC News (734,000) topped ABC followed by Redesign My Brain (675,000), 7:30 (629,000), The Checkout (597,000), Dirty Laundry Live (361,000) and Antiques Roadshow (349,000).

On SBS ONE it was Luke Nguyen’s United Kingdom (224,000), Rachel Khoo’s Cosmopolitan Cook (188,000), Dig (174,000), Heston’s Mission Impossible (163,000) and SBS World News (132,000).

All hail Peppa Pig topping multichannels at 272,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 28 May 2015.

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      1. Either everyone who was interested watched it in January on BBC Knowledge, by other means or they feel there is no point investing in the show anymore given recent events.

    1. Yep, timeslot win aside I think ABC would be disappointed with last night’s numbers particularly after the critical acclaim of the first series and the lack of competition Thursday typically puts forward – which I suspect is why they scheduled it for Thursday to begin with.

  1. Hi David,
    Can i ask why you list SBS World News and others in the Ratings wrap as they are simulcast on both SBSOne and SBSHD. I understand SBSOne and HD are always simulcast but unless SBS is splitting the numbers, ala ABC News Breakfast etc, should they be listed above?
    I am not wanting to be a pain or to prove a point, just interested if there is a reason.

    1. My understanding is that SBS ONE and SBS HD count as one channel therefore ratings for both together is one channel – however there were times when the soccer was on SBS TWO and simulcast in HD on the same HD channel thereby meaning there was not an HD simulcast of SBS ONE during those times – I wonder how ratings were handled then?

      1. SBS justed coded the programmes that were the same the same and OzTAM’s system automatically totalled them. The same as Ten does with FF. Usually every second of every programme and every ad is the same so why collect the numbers and add have to ad together later? Advertisers want to know the total audience for their ads, people want to know the total number of viewers for a show.

        The number of pixels doesn’t matter, and if someone is watching a 1080i HD channel that being downgraded and sent over RCA cables how would you know the number anyway?

        How many people watching in 1080i and how many is 576p is no important.

      1. It’s because SBS HD (*logical* channel number 30 in metros) is just an HD stream of SBS 1 (LCN 3). It’s not a separate channel in the old sense unlike, say, One is from 10.

        Similarly, you can access LCN 21 but it just points you to the 2 stream, and LCNs 70 and 71 both point to the 7 stream but they’re not actually separate channels.

  2. “Redesign My Brain was… trending on Twitter” – I’m sure Todd replied to every single tweet. I had to mute him due to the volume of tweets he put out. Good show though.

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