Renewed: Last Man Standing


Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing has been renewed for a fifth season.

The pick up, which is for a further 22 episodes, comes after pro-longed negotiations between the network and series producer 20th Century Fox Television.

The show has proven to be a strong performer for ABC despite airing on Friday nights.

Matt Berry will replace outgoing showrunner Kevin Abbott, the third showrunner for the series.

The series airs in Australia on FOX8 and ONE.

Source: TV Wise.


  1. I also wish it would lose the political angle but still one of the better US sitcoms at the moment minus all the fanfare that TBBT gets. Tim Allen really makes the show and I like the little throwbacks to Home Improvement that pop up (Randy, Jill and Al guest appearances). Will this 5th season mean the show reaches Syndication status?

  2. Excellent news. This is my favourite sitcom at the moment. It feels like a classic sitcom and even has the “filmed before a live studio audience” at the beginning. I agree that the right wing political stuff is sometimes a bit much – but I can live with that. And many of the gags are funny even though I’m an Obama supporter.

    • Narh the right wing isn’t that bad, it’s balanced for me, all other shows a mainly left so this is just a bit the other way and makes u thing it’s really right

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