Renewed: Married at First Sight


Nine has boldly announced a renewal for Married at First Sight just a day after the first episode has premiered.

The extreme dating show won its timeslot with 1.134 million viewers, topping MasterChef as the top entertainment show for the night.

Nine has already thrown open the call for further participants for a second season in 2016.

Andrew Backwell, Director of Programming and Production at Nine said: “We are all so immensely proud of this program and are pleased that it has resonated so strongly with Australian viewers. From the outset, we knew that what we were creating was not just another reality program, rather a ground-breaking social experiment. We are thrilled that people have formed their own opinions on the value of this radical method of matchmaking.”

The renewal comes before Nine has seen how well numbers can be sustained, but it clearly has faith in the format despite no legal marriage being undertaken at the altar.

Backwell has previously said Nine would be open to same-sex couples for a second season if there were enough applicants.

Nine will repeat the first episode tonight at 9.40pm, following Love Child.


  1. Wow, nine is dumb, u atleast wait until 3 eps have aired, I highly doubt it will do well in its 2nd week, around 800 then down to 600, woman are really controlling our Aussie tv,

  2. Whilst I am not allowed to marry him, I would definitely date the guy in your headline picture….if he could be bothered to shave…

  3. Call me cynical, but I assumed this announcement was just a publicity stunt to attract attention to this season. Those who didn’t watch might have read this release and will now tune in.

    It worked…we’re discussing it!

  4. Whilst I thought the show needed to explain its legal sanctity better, there was some authenticity in the 4 individuals. But I also thought the show missed a potential story point. Instead of the experts telling us who they were pairing up I thought it could have been a reveal at the wedding as to whom was paired with whom. Could have been added suspense as the audience tries to work out the couples. Be worth adding in S2.

  5. Very naive decision after only 1 viewing – It could tank right now, and 9 are left with more reality rubbish to broadcast ……

  6. Why not make some more, even though it is a really silly idea as long as they pick interesting couples people will likely watch it. I guess at least they aren’t naked and doing performing silly challenges with coconuts.

    It’s not like they got much else likely to rate better. The first series was 4 eps and it isn’t likely to be expensive to make.

  7. No doubt in some part due to nervousness around negotiating with a new Shine Endemol MD who’s yet to be appointed.

    Shine shows are currently deemed expensive, Endemol not so much.

  8. Call for applicants and a renewal are very different things I would think. Putting out the call for applicants while there is buzz about the show is clever (people who may not know about it otherwise would at least hear about it at the moment). In a few months when they analyse the data they will decide to go into production I would think.

  9. Do nine think that this show beat Masterchef once it will stay that way, don’t think so, a couple of weeks ago from memory House Rules rated better than Masterchef, but that didn’t last long, what’s to say this will rate any better?

  10. Nine clutching at content straws already – they know they need more than just Blocks, Rumbles and Voices…

    So when Hot Plate (is that what it is called) debuts to 1.2 million later this year will that be instant renewal as well?!

  11. This seems short-sighted… Big assumption to assume people are going to stick with it. A lot of people I know watched it for the novelty factor and won’t be back next week…

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