Returning: Dirty Laundry Live


Exclusive: It’s back and it’s grubbier than ever. Well, it’s back anyway….

Dirty Laundry Live, featuring Lawrence Mooney, is returning later this month, with the first of 12 new episodes.

Co-presenter Brooke Satchwell told TV Tonight the show was getting an upgrade from ABC2 to ABC after

“We had reruns on Friday and Saturday nights picking up huge volumes of audience,” she said.

“And by nature of the show it’s hard to be aware that it is shot Live. So people who were watching were assuming it was a Live programme. We were picking up a lot of ABC (primary channel) viewers.”

Good to have more Live (and sometimes dangerous) telly!

“There’ll be a few letters, I imagine!” she quipped.

9:30pm Thursday 28th May ABC.



  1. Great to see DLL back again.
    Thought it was gone for good after last season.
    Yes, a bit risky changing to the main channel – think it is the perfect show for ABC2.
    Brooke is right in predicting there will be a few complaints from some “outraged” viewers.

  2. Mooney made no secret that the show was going to ABC (1) last year. Certainly October, maybe September. Still a HDD job for those us with early starts and long commutes.

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