Returning: Strike Back

Action series featuring Philip Winchester and Aussie Sullivan Stapleton returns to FOX8.


Action series Strike Back returns to FOX8 on Sunday, featuring Philip Winchester and Aussie Sullivan Stapleton.

This is billed as S3, due to Cinemax taking over production after the Brit-produced first season, and is also known as the  ‘Shadow Warfare’ season.

These episodes aired in the US in October 2013, prior to Sullivan’s accident in Thailand which delayed the next season, due in the US in July.

The high-octane, globe-spanning thriller Strike Back returns with another season of storylines ripped from today’s headlines. In Season 3 Section 20 is in pursuit of elusive terrorist al-Zuhari, and his cartel partners, across several global locales including Colombia, Beirut, and Europe.

Sundays from May 31 at 9.30pm.

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  1. Doesn’t seem to be in the program guide from what I can see. I think they did an announcement about this a few weeks ago but the schedule currently has The Flash (Pilot) at 9:30 this Sunday…

  2. Supposedly the high production costs ruled out any continuation of Strike Back in the future, which is a shame. Stunt action shows with a military theme are being replaced by Armageddon, Living Dead, Zombie themes where extreme violence is presumably more acceptable with better TV ratings.

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