Seven expanding Live streaming for Sport

Seven unveils "40 Days of live and free sport on your mobile anywhere, anytime.”


Seven has unveiled plans for more Live streaming of key Sports events across devices and online including iPhone and Android.

Promising “40 Days of live and free sport on your mobile anywhere, anytime” it will include Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Davis Cup, FINA World Swimming Championships, Australian Masters, Australian Open and Australian PGA Championships across broadcast television, mobile, hybrid and online.

The move follows on from successful Australian Open coverage which saw over 1.2 million Australians streaming via digital platforms. Of the 4.4 million streams, 80% were live streaming.

But the plans do not include AFL.

Seven will launch 7racing.com.au, 7tennis.com.au, 7swimming.com.au and 7golf.com.au to join 7sport.com.au, plus dedicated new apps for key sports.

Clive Dickens, Seven’s Chief Digital Officer, said: “This is an exciting development for our business, our Australian audiences and our marketing partners. Seven West Media has some of the most successful consumer brands and franchises and these new live and free sports products underline our focus on the delivery of our market-leading content anywhere, anytime to the biggest audiences.

“Mobile is no longer the second screen, increasingly for some it’s “the screen”. The Australian Open was a bold step for our business. It reinforced our commitment to our new mobile venture – 40 days of free and live sport on your mobile. We will bring the live and free sports action to you, you will never miss a moment, and it is television in your pocket. It is where we are heading as a content company as mobile extends the reach of television outside the home or primary device and it’s happening now.”


Kurt Burnette, Seven’s Chief Revenue Officer, said: “Television is evolving rapidly and Seven is acknowledged as leading the market in innovation in the delivery of our content to our audiences and driving greater engagement across all of our platforms. The 40 Days of Sport project builds on our reputation for delivery of our content to our audiences and broadening opportunities for our marketing partners.”

Saul Shtein, Seven’s Head of Sport, said: “We are building the platforms to drive our future. Our major sports franchises deliver to our business an extraordinary opportunity to drive home our leadership as we broadcast many of the world’s best sports across our broadcast television and digital platforms, and increasingly deliver content on mobile.”

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      1. In the next AFL rights agreement the AFL streaming rights including creating the AFL desktop site and apps are more important than ever and needs to improve a whole lot more than what’s currently in place.

  1. Seven are really going all out with sport. They are becoming the home of sport for almost everything…..Now if only they had HD coverage. I’m pretty sure Seven can’t do it with AFL because of the streaming rights.

    1. Is it right that Legislation, prevents Networks from broadcasting in HD on their main channels?
      Though they can broadcast on their secondary channels, e.g. 7Mate, GO!, ONE etc?

      1. The legal requirements of the designated “main channel” have been continuously lessened over time. I think the sport anti-syphoning and MPEG2-SD requirements are the only regulations left.

        In practice, of course, networks screen anti-syphoned sport on non-primary channels only in parts of the country all the time. Every AFL and NRL main-season game is on the list, yet the networks buy rights to matches and show them only on non-primary channels in many markets all the time.

        Their actions are at least as much to do with their relationships with the sporting bodies and Fox Sports, than with ACMA.

  2. It would be good if 7 brought these sports apps and their plus7 app to windows phone.
    I was wondering if streaming of Wimbledon was going to happen as was the case with the Australian open and its good that its going to happen. Are they going to stream multiple courts or is just going to be a stream of what’s on 7?
    I wouldn’t have thought that AFL would be available by 7 to stream because Telstra own the streaming rights. I do recall the abc putting a replay of VFL matches they aired on iview (I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong on that) but 7 don’t appear to offer a catch up service for VFL matches.

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