Seven in The Chase for new game show

Multiple sources tell TV Tonight Seven has renewed its interest in a local version of UK game show The Chase.

In 2014 a call went out for Australians based in London to appear on an Aussie version with contestants competing against their very daunting brains trust. But Seven subsequently decided not to proceed.

Now it is understood to be back on the table, casting for a new version here, and there are even suggestions it could replace Million Dollar Minute.

Despite some inroads with $MDM it has not managed to knock Hot Seat from its game-show perch, which in turn impacts on Seven News.

The UK series, which has been airing since 2009, sees contestants try to build cash by outwitting general knowledge questions against a ‘brains trust’ such as Mark Labbett. It has been airing on Seven on weekday afternoons.

Could Million Dollar Minute‘s millionaire champ Andrew Skarbek feature as its resident brains trust….?


  1. Don’t mind an Aussie version of “The Chase”, they need to revise the way the Chasers have separate Questions in the final chase to the contestants though, keep them out the back in sound proof booths, this will create a level playing field. As a game show format writer if the game is unfair the show will eventually suffer ratings. One of my game shows Travel2Win will go to air in Europe later in the year.
    The company producing it are confident the show will go global as is has appeal to a broad audience and contestants can win Free air travel, 5 star hotel accommodation, hire cars and travel gear.

  2. chris saunders

    In my family we are all great fans of The Chase and were all excited to see that there was going to be a local version. Our excitement soon turned to dismay when we saw that it was to be hosted by Andrew (I love me) O’Keefe. You’ve lost us and I’m sure a great many others as viewers. Goodbye

    • Couldn’t agree more, it was painful to watch, Andrew O’Keefe is the wrong Man for the show and unless they get a better host I can’t see the Aussie version lasting long, we will stick to watching the British Chase, Bradley Walsh makes does such a great job and is funny to watch.

  3. I have been saying that we need a Chase Australia for ages. I think Barry Jones would make an excellent chaser – Noticed last night channel seven advertising The Governess is heading our way. This is great news. I look forward to our own version – but who will compare ?????
    Need a Bradley Walsh type to carry it

  4. I agree with bringing Wheel of Fortune back. It was a great show to lead into the news with. Nine failed because it got too carried away with bells and whistles. Bring it back in a similar format to when it was on Seven. Also another show that I liked from way back when was Video Village. It would be a good lead in for Wheel of Fortune.

  5. I love the UK version but one of the main reasons is the host, Bradley Walsh. I just love his reactions to anything even slightly titillating or silly. If you want to see him in action google “Fanny Chmelar” or “shell found on beach”. Those who have seen it will know what I’m talking about.

  6. MDM isn’t bad. I’d suggest they change the final 5 questions to maybe a 60 second segment needing to get 10 in a row or whatever magical number. As others have said, 15 questions in 30 mins on Hot Seat is so slow!

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