Seven rules Total People -just (but slips to third in Demos)

Ratings: TEN's MasterChef makes for a tight race between Seven and Nine last week.


Last week ratings were neck and neck with Seven and Nine until Saturday night when Nine dropped the ball entirely.

That resulted in another win for Seven despite some low numbers mid-week. But it slipped to third in the Demos behind TEN thanks to MasterChef‘s success.

SBS also scored again with Struggle Street.

Seven: 27.6
Nine: 26.2
TEN: 21.3
ABC: 17.5
SBS: 7.5

Seven News (Sun: 1.53m) was best for Seven. House Rules hit 925,000, Home and Away averaged 780,000 and Sunday Night was 704,000.

Nine News (Sun: 1.1m) led Nine’s week. A Current Affair averaged 915,000, Reno Rumble hit 851,000 and The Big Bang Theory was best at 827,000.

MasterChef Australia (Tues: 1.21m) was the week’s #1 show. Its next best brand was NCIS (755,000), Modern Family (665,000) and Shark Tank (659,000).

ABC News (Sat: 905,000), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (820,000) and Australian Story (819,000) led for ABC.

Struggle Street‘s 831,000 was a runaway success for SBS. Queen Victoria’s Children (370,000) and Sacred Wonders of Britain (360,000) followed.

Primary channel:
Seven: 19.0
Nine: 18.0
TEN: 15.7
ABC: 12.9
SBS ONE: 6.3

GO!: 4.9
7TWO: 4.3
7mate: 4.2
GEM: 3.3
ABC2: 2.8
ONE: 2.7
ABC New 24: 1.4
SBS 2: 1.1
ABC3: 0.5
NITV: 0.2

Nine won the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 (and TEN took second).

Nine took Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Seven won Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. ABC bettered TEN only on Friday and Saturday.

Seven won in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth while Nine took honours in Sydney and Brissy.

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  1. I’ve never saw SBS having such ratings in recent years. I’ve just noticed that SBS never went below 5% for several weeks already. Probably one of their best ratings yet, and they did it without any sports programming nor Eurovision!

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