Seven, SBS score on Sunday.


All the media attention may have been on Guy Sebastian in Vienna, but in the end Euro-pop was no match for Australian drama.

Seven’s Catching Milat finale was the top performer on the night at 1.46m viewers, improving on it’s 1.39m a week earlier.

But SBS enjoyed a big primetime share as a result of Eurovision, with its primary channel audience eclipsing ABC. The Grand Final drew 592,000 in primetime (an improvement on 2014’s 476,000). But there were another bumper audience of 263,000 who had already watched Live at 5am.

Seven easily won the night while Nine had disappointments after its 6pm news.

Seven network was 33.9% then Nine 21.6%, TEN 18.7%, ABC 13.6% and SBS 12.1%.

Catching Milat 1.46m was #1 for Seven then Seven News (1.4m) and House Rules (1.07m). Castle was 339,000.

Nine News was strong at 1.3m but dived to 851,000 for Reno Rumble and 754,000 for 60 Minutes. The movie Horrible Bosses appeared to give up the rest of the night at just 258,000.

Masterchef had a narrow timeslot win at 1.08m for TEN then Modern Family (752,000 / 493,000). TEN Eyewitness News was 432,000, The Odd Couple was 347,000. FIA Formula One was 196,000 / 188,000 in 3 cities (82,000 on ONE).

After ABC News (901,000), Mapp and Lucia was 581,000, Poldark was 567,000, Compass was 370,000 and Top of the Lake was 260,000.

Eurovision Song Contest was 592,000 in primetime, given the result had been in the media all day. But another 263,000 watched it Live at 5am which was a big audience. SBS World News was 199,000, indicating just how many tuned in thereafter.

ABC2’s Ready Steady Wiggle was 219,000 on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 24 May 2015


  1. Was very annoyed with Ch.7 over the weekend… on Saturday night they replayed ‘Jurassic Park’ and cut out 15mins of it… I mean, why bother putting it on? It’s not like they were just cutting scenery short before an ad or something… it was bloody 15mins… very noticeable scenes and annoying!

  2. The actor who portrayed Milat was not someone familiar to me, but have to say he was brilliant, hope to see him again in other dramas, whether all the facts were true or not it was still a fantastic production. Thanks channel 7.

  3. We watched Eurovision live and we were cheering like we were at a soccer match when Australia got points. It was so exciting, I finally get Eurovision now.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    Last year the Monaco GP achieved 435k across Ten/One in the overnights. This year it rated little more than half that. A friend who watched every race live last year except for the US GP didn’t even realise it was on. Ten’s half-arsed “Home of Motorsport” strategy seems to be really paying off for them.

    • Really tired of hearing people whinge about Ten’s strategy/mgmt whenever ratings disappoint. Ten broadcast Live on their main channel, so if you were a F1 fan, surely you would know when it was on, and a quick scan of the TV guide would’ve told you when it was to be broadcast.

      It’s pretty obvious the ratings were affected by a highly promoted/well received mini series on another channel and the best ever ratings year for Eurovision, given Australia’s participation.

      • jezza the first original one

        SS I agree completely ch10s coverage of F1 is a disaster this year. I knew it was on, but there was no qualifying on Saturday, their online presence is messy and incomprehensible. They are hardly showing any races live, far from being the home of motorsport it is more like ‘an asylumseeker detention centre of maotorsport’ with most overseas content blocked…..

        • The comment was about low ratings and not knowing about it being on. Comment all you like about the online presence etc. You guys should google the calendar. Ten & Fox Sports have entered into an arrangement for F1 this year, and for the next 5. And the schedule is laid out, so you can see which races will be live on Ten.

          • Secret Squïrrel

            Thanks for letting me know about Google, radiC00l but I already know exactly which 9 races will be broadcast live on the Ten network, not that it matters to me any more. I was actually referring to a friend. Here in Perth the race was on One. My friend primarily selects his TV viewing from a weekend newspaper printed TV Guide (I know – he’s old, like really). The secondary channel listings are cramped in a corner so perhaps he just didn’t make it that far down the TV guide?

            Anyway, I whinged about Ten’s non-strategy ages ago based on how bad an idea it was. I was simply using last night’s ratings as a comparison.

            With regard to competition on other channels, last year it was up against:
            The Voice – 1,894,000
            60 Minutes – 1,552,000
            House Rules – 1,058,000

            I stand by what I wrote.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I agree…SS…it is still rating better than pay TV….I missed half of it on TEN…for the same reason….I watch on ONE again….Monday night….
      I still do not see how TEN can rationalise off loading half the races to pay TV…unless the $$$ were exceptional?!?

  5. Horrible Bosses was a bad movie and a repeat. Nine updated the Foxtel EPG in the middle of the day with running times out by about 10 minutes, but left 9:30pm to 11:30pm in the FTA EPG in Sydney until the last minute. And when they did update they put the start time in as 9:56pm but left the finishing time as 11:30pm, to try and stop people not watching it because it wouldn’t finish till near midnight.

    And for this Nine pissed off fans of Stalker and The Following.

    • Yeah I hope nine learnt there lesson, the movie rated poorly, stalker and following would of done just as well or better if it was on instead,

      Does anybody know what arrow and gotham did this week

    • The live NRL always runs over by 5 mins or more but that’s no excuse not to update the EPG. I went by the times on online guides and added 15 mins to the end of Almost Human and just got it in with 5 mins to spare. Not good enough Nine!

    • That’s completely subjective, shouldn’t be stated as a fact that Horrible Bosses is a bad movie. You don’t like it, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it but the fact is that it was critical and commercial success. I’m not surprised it didn’t rate Sunday night, it’s a very old movie and was stupid programming by Nine.

  6. Catching Milat was brilliantly made in my opinion. I could really feel the emotion of the task force when they conducted the raids, as well as the emotion of the victims parents throughout the show. I’d like to see more quality Aussie drama like this on our screens.

    • Agree it was really well done, it was more Intriguing than any of the Winter/Killing Field shows that 7 persist with. Catching Milat should be seen as a high point to improve on in my opinion. I would’ve liked to have seen more of the court action scenes.

    • Just when I’d given up on Oz drama, along came Catching Milat, which was indeed brilliantly made. It avoided most of the problems that plague Oz TV, such as pretentious camerawork (The Code), meandering/silly plot (Hiding), bad acting (Hiding), earnestness (Top of the Lake), melodrama (Redfern Now), schlock (Wonderland) and tedium (Gallipoli). End rant 🙂

  7. Good numbers for Eurovision – given her well our participation was received, I think we will be a regular fixture at it now.
    SBS must hate that participating countries have to show it live. Without the split across the two broadcasts, you would think that the evening reply would have gone pretty close to the magic million viewers!

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