Seven to screen AFL women’s match


Seven has made a brief AFL statement that will be a TV first when it screens in coming months:

Seven is in pre-production with the AFL to broadcast the women’s match Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs in August.

The match broadcast will be a history-making AFL television first in Australia.

More details to follow in coming weeks.

The match is one of two women’s exhibition matches, with the first set for May 24.


  1. Boogie Howser

    @DansDans… If Sam Lane broke an embargo on a story with which she had been entrusted, that’s a question of professional ethics for her and part of the wider issue of how much corporate PR hacks think they are entitled to control the news media. If Lane reported the story after learning about it through her journalistic sources, then as someone with an interest in AFL, women’s sport, and a free media, I say more power to her, and I wish there were a hundred more of her.

  2. Well done to Fairfax, more importantly Samantha Lane, for ‘breaking’ this news 12 days too early and spoiling any official announcement that was to happen from the AFL, Ch 7 and the team co-coordinating these games (including the teams)

    I hope they feel really grand about themselves – hopefully the importance of this event and the official announcement wont be ruined too much by her ‘awesome journalism’ (sarcasm intended)

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