TEN lifts rating share, SBS hits high.

The big news last week in the TV ratings battle wasn't on Seven or Nine -but the two lower-ranking networks.


Cooking beats renovation -that’s the message viewers sent to networks last week, as viewers migrated from My Kitchen Rules to MasterChef.

And in doing so they upset the launches of House Rules and, to a lesser extent, Reno Rumble for Seven and Nine, respectively. TEN’s good fortune saw them rise to a 20% share, beating ABC for the first time this ratings year.

SBS also had their best ever non-sports figures in the controversial Struggle Street, the #1 show in Sydney on Wednesday night.

Seven: 30.4
Nine: 26.4
TEN: 20.0
ABC: 17.3
SBS: 6.0

The final of My Kitchen Rules topped the week with 2.12m / 2.08m viewers for Seven. Seven News (Sun: 1.6m), Sunday Night (1.05m) and Home and Away (825,000) also scored.

Nine News (Sun: 1.29m) was best for Nine then the Logie Awards (970,000 / 943,000), Love Child (913,000) and A Current Affair (892,000).

MasterChef (Tues: 1.23m) was easily TEN’s strongest. Other brands included NCIS (704,000) and The Project (7pm: 631,000).

Four Corners (921,000), Australian Story (866,000) and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (862,000) were best for ABC.

Struggle Street (925,000) made the Top 20 for SBS then Queen Victoria’s Children (337,000) and Sacred Wonders of Britain (278,000).

Primary channel:
Seven: 22.7
Nine: 19.1
TEN: 14.5
ABC: 12.9
SBS ONE: 4.8

GO!: 4.1
7TWO: 4.0
7mate: 3.7
GEM: 3.2
TEN: 2.9
ABC2: 2.7
ONE: 2.6
ABC News 24 / SBS 2: 1.1
ABC3: 0.5
NITV: 0.2

Seven won Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. TEN won Tuesday, Nine won Thursday. ABC bettered TEN on Monday and Saturday.

Seven took victory in all cities except Sydney, retained by Nine.

With the change in reality viewing, this week is set to be a fascinating contest.

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  1. The networks need to be accountable for the over runs and late starting times! With House Rules running over 9 mins on Sunday in a two hour advertising blitz! I began watching a delayed start to avoid adverts and missed the end as I had not updated my PVR since the EPG changed! Shame on you 7! Worst programming with all your constant changes! Don’t get me started on your treatment of dramas again!

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