TEN tops primary channel but Nine wins on network shares

Ratings: MasterChef tops the night, Dave says farewell, and Eurovision fever gets underway at SBS.


A Masterchef / Letterman combo helped keep TEN in the game last night, winning in primary shares.

But with other networks stronger in multichannels, Nine managed to take the lead, with Seven finishing just 0.4% ahead of TEN in network shares.

It’s still a fine result for TEN, topping the key demos.

Nine network was 26.2% then Seven 25.9%, TEN 25.5%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 6.0%.

Nine News was 1.09m / 1.07m for Nine then ACA (950,000), Hot Seat (672,000), The Footy Show (524,000) and Top Gear (512,000).

Seven News (923,000 / 846,000) was best for Seven followed by Home and Away (741,000), Surveillance Oz: Dashcam (688,000), Million Dollar Minute (501,000) and Terror in the Skies (363,000). World’s Most Extreme was 236,000.

A double MasterChef was 1.11m / 912,000 for TEN. The Project was 675,000 / 500,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 556,000 and the last ever Late Show was 364,000.

ABC News (772,000), 7:30 (680,000), The Checkout (613,000), Our Girl (402,000) and Antiques Roadshow (355,000) comprised ABC.  An Agony repeat was 259,000.

Eurovision’s Greatest Hits (267,000) topped SBS ONE then Luke Nguyen’s United Kingdom (247,000), Rachel Khoo’s Cosmopolitan Cook (178,000) and SBS World News (143,000).

7TWO’s Lewis was best in show on multichannels at 323,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 21 May 2015

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  1. So close in network figures. Glad to see a reasonable audience for last letterman without any promos. The last top ten was very funny with probably the best comedians of our generation involved. Very poor effort by 7.

  2. Surveillance Oz: Dashcam – for the people who don’t know about Youtube. A one hour slot for a 35 min program with 10 min of actual footage. Or you could spend 30 min on YT viewing dashcam vids and then use the other ½ hour for something meaningful like watching cat videos.

    1. Do we really need more reality? Masterchef has already tried the spinoff thing with masterchef professionals and it didn’t work out so well. One season a year is more than enough of masterchef.

    2. Can’t tell if you’re serious since they have tried this on four separate occasions with Celebrity, Kids and Professionals and All-Stars and ratings declined year on year.
      Though I quite liked the Professionals series.

    3. I disagree. Masterchef The Professionals (which I liked) and Masterchef Kids (which I didn’t) made the main season suffer. The last two years has been back on top form without the dilution or overkill.

    4. As others have said, it didn’t pay off the previous times. That said, MS Professionals was actually pretty good, & MS Kids wasn’t bad either. All ‘reality TV’ is manipulative, but in general the Aus MS franchise is infinitely preferable to being manipulated by forced nastiness & spite dressed up as ‘reality’.

      (But some seem to like it that way; #MasterChefAU got pretty unpleasant after John’s attempt to turn brown mussel broth into a white lobster white sauce. Yes, he _should’ve_ been the one to go – but no need to be truly nasty about it. We’ll miss you, owl-man …)

    5. Well, that idea wasn’t very well received.
      Maybe you’ll like this one…..
      The producers of Masterchef create a new reality show where teams renovate houses and face challenges. I reckon Baz from The Living Room would be a good judge.
      If they premiere it in the middle of the Masterchef season finale, it couldn’t fail. Could it ?

      1. I haven’t seen a comparison, but I suspect the Renovators wouldn’t have rated any worse than House Rules’ first season. Also don’t forget The Block caught wind of the Renovators plan and relaunched the Block (early) with Renovators elements. Point is the concept wasn’t a disaster – and it is exactly the model MKR has copied with House Rules.

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