Will & Steve win My Kitchen Rules 2015


Will & Steve have won My Kitchen Rules for 2015.

They scored 52 points in the Grand Final, to win $250,000 cash.

They defeated Mt. Isa cousins Jac & Shaz who scored 50 points.

Teams served up 5 course meals for judges, families and former contestants tonight.

The judges were divided over the winning team. While Colin Fassnidge and Guy Grossi awarded the same score to both teams, Pete Evans thought Mt Isa cousins Jac and Shaz pipped the boys at the post, while Manu Feildel, Karen Martini and Liz Egan’s scores handed the title to the NSW boys.

“This is the start of something big for us,” said Steve. “We knew this journey was going to change our lives; we’re going to go out there and get it, we’re going to chase our food journey.”

Will added, “For me it’s been a massive journey and I’m really starting to believe in myself more than I’ve ever before. MKR has totally changed the direction of both of our lives.”

“We certainly put our hearts into it and went as hard as we could go,” said Shaz. “Not everything went according to plan but we’re as proud as punch. We will take away the belief that you are capable of anything.

“I can’t believe we’ve reached the end. I’ve been bossing her around for months and she’s handled it like a dream; I just love her to death. We love being together and we love cooking; we’ve had an absolute ball.”

Seven’s extensive 6th season has been the top-rating series on air this year, with ratings over 1.7m viewers and making life very tough for their competition.

Seven has snagged a string of weekly ratings wins under its belt as a result of the hit series.

But the Final has already attracted controversy with Jac & Shaz reportedly upset with the alternative endings filmed, believing they had won the big prize.

Seven is already casting for its 2016 season.

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  1. David – Can you please explain the filming of 2 alternate endings? I get they do it so there is a surprise who won, but do they reveal fake scores or is it fake reactions filmed and the scores are filmed with only the judges and an empty ‘kitchen’??

    Been wondering for years!! Thanks! 🙂

  2. im rapt that they won, although I liked both teams so it wouldnt have bothered me. But the boys throughout the series have never bagged another team, were never mean and they just learnt along the way things to help them improve.

    I loved how they flew out Steve’s parents and well done to them.

  3. jezza the first original one

    I didn’t watch MKR at all this year as this appalling habit of filming different endings destroyed the finale in the 2 previous years that I did watch. Was this years finale as flat and as lame as in previous years?

    It really is lazy and cost cutting production. This is one of ch7s tentpole shows across the year and regardless of the usual excuses rolled out by the producers, they need to go the extra mile to provide the natural ending this marathon deserves

  4. I was disappointed that Jac and Shaz didn’t win, such lovely down to earth girls. Knowing about the alternative endings being filmed just makes it all seem so fake though. I don’t see why the judges can’t just record their scores, and then have a winner revealed night, either live, or taped the day before airing,

  5. Surely Jac and Shaz aren’t that naive. Will and Steve were great all series especially Will who was splendid entertainment. Well done to the boys. Flying Steve’s parents in was a nice touch I thought. I think they need to rejig the format slightly because too many good teams went home to early this season.

  6. I haven’t watched MKR this year because it has been dragged out for to long. like seriously how many times can you go around the country and do instant restaurants. Time for a revamp. Don’t like Pete. I’d like to see Manu and Colin host it next year

    • i only watch because my fiancee watches it , if was up to me i would’t watch at all, i completely agree its dragged out way too long, not impressed with the grand finale as whole very disappointed with the setup, as for the winners, they got it wrong yet again, wish they these judges would actually judgeit probably instead using stupid comments.

      • exactly. also we know what they cooking- so when it comes to scoring why is there need to repeat the menu. i was let down by this show this season.

  7. Oh gee. Why do they still persist with the alternate endings being filmed?

    I watched the grand final and enjoyed it. Steve and Will are deserving winners

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