Airdate: Dance Moms in Australia

Abby Lee Miller and her tweens return to screen for two Australian-made specials.


Cult favourite Dance Moms are about to return to screen for two Australian-based specials filmed earlier this year, including at the ASTRA Awards.

Abby Lee Miller and her favourite tween dancers take Australia by storm in Dance Moms in Australia, two special, locally produced episodes of the hit reality series, premiering on LifeStyle YOU from Monday June 22 at 8.30pm.

Earlier this year, world-renowned dance choreographer and teacher Abby Lee Miller and the controversial cast of Dance Moms arrived Down Under in search of Australia’s Ultimate Dancer.

The search led Abby Lee to Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne where she held a series of classes and competitions and, for the first time ever, the tour – and the ensuing drama – was filmed for a two special Australian episodes.

In the first episode, airing on Monday June 22 at 8.30pm on LifeStyle YOU, the ALDC is headed to Australia to perform at the ASTRA Awards, but when Abby loses her passport, she leaves the entire team stranded in Sydney without her. Meanwhile, Jess confronts the moms over a viral video of some of the girls making fun of JoJo. As Abby scrambles to replace her passport, Maddie is asked to go in her place to an interview, which causes her to miss a crucial rehearsal. Later, turmoil erupts at the ASTRA Awards.

In the second episode, airing on Monday June 29 at 8.30pm on LifeStyle YOU, jealousy and competition threaten the ALDC as the team is divided into two factions when Abby excludes Nia and JoJo from the rest of the planned events in Australia. Kendall, Kalani, Maddie and Mackenzie have to learn a new routine to perform at a private fan event, while Holly brings in Mikey Minden to help Nia prepare to perform her single for the first time live. Holly makes it clear that, if the moms don’t show up for Nia’s performance, there will be trouble.

Will their Australian tour be the end of the ALDC as we know it?

8.30pm Monday June 22 and 29 on LifeStyle YOU.

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