Airdate: Lip Sync Battle. Returning: Two and a Half Men, Mom.

New and returning shows added to Nine's Mondays, but check the fine-print too.


Next Monday Nine premieres US series Lip Sync Battle, a Spike TV series which began as a segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

It pits two celebrities lip syncing against each other battle over two rounds.

Episode one features Jimmy Fallon vs Dwayne Johnson with later episodes including John Legend, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Mike Tyson, Stephen Merchant and Queen Latifah.

The half hour show will screen at 9pm Monday June 29 following The Voice.

In Sydney and Brisbane markets, Nine will also return Two and a Half Men for its twelfth and final season at 9:30pm. This premiered in the US in October. A new episode of Mom follows at 10pm.

Footy Classified airs at the same time in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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  1. It makes me a little angry that Lip Sync Battle is essentially a watered down, mainstream straight society-for-a-celebrity-worshipping-world knock off of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    I really wish one of the main networks had the balls to put the show on; a reality show with real talent, real drama and real stories being told. It’d certainly be a shake up to the reality overload at the moment.

  2. Mom finally!!! Feel like we have barely seen any of this show, don’t even know where we are up to.

    Also no news on mike and Molly or 2 broke girls??

    Excited to watch lip sync battle, I saw Anne and Emily on YouTube and it was great!

  3. It sucks that Lip Sinc Battle is only coming to Australian TV now. I have been trying to find episodes of this on youtube but they are not available here. Time and time again we have to wait months until a show comes when we already know what happens or have lost interest.

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