Al Jazeera network fires Dan Ilic over Daily Show job

Al Jazeera unhappy with Dan Ilic for making a video for The Daily Show, using company resources.


Writer, performer, producer Dan Ilic has been fired by Al Jazeera’s youth channel AJ+ for using company resources in a video application for The Daily Show.

“(When I applied for The Daily Show) I literally bought a ticket for the lottery and got fired for it,” Ilic has told Mumbrella. “That’s show business.”

Ilic has been with Al Jazeera in San Francisco since December.

“I got an audition for The Daily Show but I was going overseas and needed to get something down on tape, before I went, and so I used the work studio just to knock it out, and I didn’t think it would be a big problem but when I got back from overseas it was,” he said.

The former Hungry Beast and Can of Worms co-presenter hasn’t yet heard back from The Daily Show but hopes to return to the US.

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