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US sci-fi / cop series Almost Human is moving from Nine to GO! to join the Sunday night line-up of Gotham and Arrow.

However it will also revert back to Episode 1 in the process. Ironically it will be replaced by a repeat of Arrow (first run Arrow remains on GO!).

Almost Human now airs 12:30am Monday morning (Sunday night) this weekend.



  1. Wow, here I was thinking oh good it’s not on nine anymore will be on GO at a earlier time but no it’s later, why is Nine so dumb, why put 3 of ur best shows on the same night, last ship is awesome put almost human after that, or put them all on different nights at 8:30. Or sell it to fox8

  2. Nine put Almost Human on after The Following because of the Michael Ealy connection and the bigger lead-in. It ‘s a better fit with Go! and Arrow though. They are restarting from the beginning because it’s target audience didn’t watch it, and it’s a lot better than the rpts on Go!

    The pilot was a little wobbly but once they got the characters and plotting sorted I’ve been enjoying it. A lot better than Monday’s terrible POI anyway.

  3. In 2048, the uncontrollable evolution of on-demand video technology, DVD sales and PVRs has caused audience ratings to plummet an astounding 400%. To combat this, the overwhelmed network monkeys/programmers have implemented a new policy: every long form drama is now scheduled at non-sequential random times and intervals.

    After waking up from a 17 year closed shop, the networks have to deal with plunging audience figures and a disruptive internet competitor with huge gaps in profitability, which they try to recover through wall to wall reality programming and product placement. Besides trying to remember as much as they can about the audience and profits, they are also coming to terms with being abandoned by content producers and everyone under the age of 40.

  4. Why go back to the beginning? Those of us who have been watching would prefer new eps, and it’s a bit late to try and entice new viewers to a multi channel at half past midnight…….

  5. what’s the point of putting these types of shows on after midnight? sure they are axed/less popular but GO should be like the good old days when they started and play shows at 8:30 or 9:30. they are doing it with Sunday, why not put Almost Human and Originals on the next night or something. while I’m on the subject of GO, it’s pretty annoying to see them play movies at 9:30, why not at least play short movies 8:30-10:30 and play these types of shows at 10:30 at least.

  6. This is sad, I liked this show before it was canceled in the US and now it’s been shafted by ch9. They should have just put it on GO! to start with, and at a more reasonable time of the night.

  7. Thanks for posting this, David. I’ve been enjoying Almost Human, and since I had no idea it was moving to GO!, I would’ve had no idea where it went. There’s no way I would’ve thought to look for it on GO! at 12.30am.

    With all the changes to programs, times, channels and days, a site like TV Tonight is essential in helping to keep the viewers informed.

  8. Not sure this is even ‘news’-given that the show is a failed (in the US) series that was shown very late at night as a filler, why the fuss?

      • Your site, your call David but there must be things of more consequence happening out there in TV land like the failure of so many highly promoted US import shows this year.

        • I’m very comfortable amongst the other 18 posts filed today there are indeed more important stories. The site has filed a mix of light and heavy stories for over 8 years. Readers are free to click on the topics that suit them most. This fits as a Programming yarn.

          • The quote from Chuck128 “the failure of so many highly promoted US import shows this year” is more a US problem not one David or indeed Australia should concern themselves with, there are plenty of sites in the US that will write all the nitty gritty about a series failure.

  9. This made sense to someone at Nine. “Let’s buy this new sci-fi show and put it on the primary channel, then if it fails, we’ll move it to GO!, and then in its place show reruns of another sci-fi show we shafted to GO! – that’ll help boost the ratings for sure”

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