Celebrity Big Brother or Celebrity Apprentice?


There is speculation today that Nine is pursuing Celebrity Apprentice for later in the year, which would put an end to previous rumours of a Celebrity Big Brother revival.

Either way, it looks very likely that one will be moving into Nine’s schedule later in the year with interest in renovation shows on the wane.

News Corp reports multiple sources are indicating the return of Celebrity Apprentice “as early as September” with a briefer return for The Block.

While Big Brother is produced by Endemol (soon to become Endemol Shine Australia), FremantleMedia produces Apprentice.

It’s not clear if Mark Bouris, who recently attacked Shark Tank, would return to the board room.

The show hit its heights in 2011 with a cast including Julia Morris, Deni Hines & Pauline Hanson, but the 2013 season was programmed weekly rather than as a stripped format.

Personally I’d be more interested in a non-Celebrity version, where real people are competing for real stakes, but Nine would likely be seeing a Celeb version as less risk-averse.

Endemol, FremantleMedia and Nine all declined to comment.


  1. How about teenage pregnant celebrity big brotherd-list celebrities whom cook, sing, dance and renovate in a pickin’ auction gameshow race against time for a chance to marry a Melbourne housewife or a farmer and get their makeover rescue tattoo removed by Honey boo-boo on hidden camera by a Bondi vet?

  2. I agree, David. I’d watch a non-celebrity Apprentice. I have zero interest in a celeb version, or any version of Big Brother at all.

  3. I’d prefer Celeb BB too. I’ve never been a fan of Apprentice especially the celeb version, it’s pretty much a pissing contest.

  4. After the reports from previous contestants about their experience, I’ll be surprised what D listers would want to go on Celebrity Apprentice.

  5. TasTVcameraman

    I agree with David, I am sick of seeing so called “Celebs” get a bunch of normal people in like the Apprentice UK which I like but Seven do not screen it now it would rate better than some of the stuff on Seven Maaaate.

  6. I’d prefer Celebrity BB. Would be a more interesting format week to week. Although between Dancing With The Stars, Celeb Splash, I’m A Celeb Get Me Out Of Here, etc haven’t we run out of D listers yet?

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