Devil Wears Prada returns (but wait, it’s actually been 2 years)


Yes, it’s back. The Devil Wears Prada gets a replay on TEN this Saturday night.

Long-term readers would know the film has been a favourite of TEN’s for some time, getting plenty of replays (nearly as many as Nine’s Harry Potter flicks perhaps?).

But it appears to have been two years since it was last screened on TEN, so the network has pulled back on the recycling:

June 2013 (381,000 viewers)
July 2012 (309,000 viewers)
March 2012 (359,000 viewers)
January 2012
October 2011
July 2011
August 2010
April 2010
August 2009
February 2009 (1.4m viewers)

In 2013 Programming Chief Beverley McGarvey told TV Tonight, “We certainly have no plans now to play it anytime soon. Maybe we’ll wait until people build up and appetite and they miss it again!”

It screens this Saturday at 9:20pm on TEN.

Any other flicks networks should hold back?


  1. And just 5 months after its last screening, guess what’s back on TEN at 9.30pm Saturday (November 21)?
    Guess it’s making up for the lack of a single screening in 2014.

  2. Saw ‘Backdraft’ was in the line up a couple of weeks back-first time in a while but that was very much the ‘Prada’ of the early 2000s, on every few months-and that was when there were far fewer channels on air!

  3. The multichannels seem to recycle their movies a lot more than TEN has with The Devil Wears Prada. Unfortunately, they seem to rate better than non-movie programming so I imagine that’s the status quo for a while to come yet.

  4. They used to recycle Back to the Future as often The Devil wears Prada until 7 got it. No doubt we’ll see Back to the Future trilogy on October 21.

  5. Besides Devil Wears Prada the movies Channel 10 over-play are Mean Girls, School of Rock and I can’t believe I’m posting this The Simpsons Movie.

  6. Channel 9/GO and Harry Potter movies seem to be on constant rotation. Plus we had My Big Fat Greek Wedding on 9 again last week, no doubt Monster In Law isn’t too far away again

  7. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It was on only recently but I turned on my tv on the weekend and there was Fellowship of the Rings once again.

  8. The Water Diviner has already been shown twice on 7…. I know they partly financed it so I have a feeling it is going to be their “go to” movie.

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