Ex-Big Brother producer joins ITV Australia

Alex Mavroidakis to become project-based showrunner and executive producer with ITV Studios Australia.

Alex Mavroidakis2

Former Big Brother executive producer Alex Mavroidakis is joining ITV Studios Australia as a project-based showrunner and executive producer.

He joins former BB co-exec producer Karen Dewey, now Head of Factual and Reality with ITV.

Mavroidakis, part of Endemol’s Big Brother franchise from 2002-2014, has specialised in reality and light entertainment, including in the UK, with credits including The Apprentice, The Amazing Race, The X Factor and Medical Emergency.

“A leading creative in the Australian television industry, Alex comes with a wealth of experience,” ITV Managing Director Anita Jacoby said.

“He was a key architect in the development of Big Brother as a family program. He’s also created plenty of shows from the ground up.”

In 2013 Mavroidakis, also the voice of BB‘s “Surly,” spoke with TV Tonight about the challenges of producing a show like Big Brother, in which a fervent audience always weighs in with invested opinions.

“You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t in this business and what I’ve learned is that I get 1000 tweets a day telling me I’m the best producer in the world and 1000 telling me I’m the second coming of Satan!”

There have been rumours of a Celebrity Big Brother for Nine this year but they appear to have waned amid talk of another Celebrity Apprentice from FremantleMedia.

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