Farewell to Brax?


Is that the end for Home and Away‘s Brax?

Last night viewers saw Stephen Peacocke handcuffed in the back of a police car, being transferred to jail.

But the car was forced off the road by a truck and the River boy rather poetically landed in the river, not seen again as the car sank without trace.

Not dissimilar to a famed Neighbours demise….

From all reports it was the final episode for Peacocke after 4 years on the Seven soap, including 3 Gold Logie nominations and 2 Silver Logies for Most Popular Actor.

Unless a body is found -and I’m guessing it won’t- storyliners will have left open the option for a return sometime in the future.


  1. I thought I read a while ago that Steve said that his character doesn’t die. But I reckon the writers had to think of something when Steve dropped it on them he was leaving.

    Its like a few years ago when Bernard Curry and Jodi Aista characters ran from the police and they were never caught by them.

  2. This practice of Home and Away using the same promo weeks on end for some big event gets really boring. There was a time when they did a daily promo

    • I would prefer a daily promo. I have found their promos are very Braxton focused. You can watch a whole episode of home and away and there is no Braxton in sight but then a Braxton will appear in the promo.

  3. harrypotter1994

    I’m sorry but I laughed at his exit, the river just happened to be so close to the edge of the road for the sinking. Seen better “deaths” then that one

  4. I couldn’t believe those “Goodbye Brax” promos on Seven/Prime, not only giving away the storyline but actually showing how Brax goes. Not even the words “spoiler alert” at the start of the ads either.

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