Home and Away: June 8 – 11


Spoilers: This week on Home and Away, Stephen Peacocke has his final scenes with the Seven soap.

But viewers will be wondering if his character Brax is written out or left open-ended…

Brax is transferred to another jail, but a truck chases the car he’s in and runs it off the road into the river. After everything Brax has been through… is this how it all ends?

Monday, June 8
Ash and Kyle prepare for Brax’s prison break.
A stranger starts following Ricky.
Hannah admits to Leah she still has feelings for Sean.

Tuesday, June 9
Alf takes charge of the surf carnival.
Kat tells Ricky and Kyle that Brax is missing.

Wednesday, June 10
Billie tries to calm Kyle down.
Ricky kicks Phoebe and Kyle out of the share house.

Thursday, June 11 (Double episode)
Complications after Leah’s surgery leaves her life on the line.
Maddy and Oscar discover they both still have feelings for each other.

7pm Monday – Thursday on Seven.


  1. It certainly looks like one of those soap endings, where the popular character appears to have died, but the body is not found…leaving things open for a future shock return.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Say goodbye to Brax tomorrow night …the ad on 7TWO just said…
    There have been sooo many ads…it feels like Groundhog day…

  3. Just checked the epg this morning and apparently a triple episode is scheduled this Thursday. Not sure why 7 feels the need to keep playing around with home and away’s schedule.

    • Home and Away’s scheduling varies between states next Thursday. There’s a triple episode of home and away scheduled in Melbourne, Sydney appears to only have a double and Adelaide appears to have 4 eps scheduled. I’m not going to check every state so check you local guides for any extra eps.

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