Jon Stewart: “This one is black and white”

Jon Stewart's joke-free monologue on the Charleston church shooting takes the audience to a very still place.

Much has already been written in a short time about Jon Stewart’s joke-free monologue on the tragedy of the Charleston church shooting in the US.

Listen for the shift by the audience, awkwardly laughing at early remarks until they realise Stewart speaks the truth.

And then you could hear a pin drop.

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  1. If there were more smart-thinking Americans, Congress wouldn’t be dominated by the Republicans. And the Gun Lobby’s response is to suggest more guns in churches … crazy.

    1. While this isn’t a political forum you did swing the gate open. Didn’t Obama promise a strong change on gun laws about 15 shootings ago. This was at a time when Democrats held the majority however Obama is largely due to that decline. Stewart’s Also a hard line leftists why isn’t he demanding Obama explain why this hasn’t happened and start moving?

  2. He did well, but I disagree, the U.S. and even oz are not racist. Just because some nut job killed people doesn’t make that group of people racist. that thinking is racist.
    We should be more focused on the hate of the church and religion. I also can’t see how he thinks ISIS isn’t as bad as the at home attacks. Isis is far worse doesn’t he remember 9-11

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