Nine developing Alan Bond miniseries


Buoyed no doubt by its ratings results for The House of Hancock, Nine and Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder are developing a miniseries on the life of Alan Bond -once the network’s very own proprietor.

Media Watch presenter Paul Barry, who penned two books and fronted two Four Corners docos on the late businessman, will act as a consultant on the series.

Bond died earlier this month following open heart surgery, but has a colourful history as both ‘hero / villain’ in the eyes of many, including backing an America’s Cup win but sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud in 1997.

“Alan Bond was a larger-than-life character and a controversial figure in Australian public life,” Andy Ryan co-Head of Drama told Fairfax Media.

“We’re excited to bring his story to Nine, the network he famously once bought from Kerry Packer.”

In ABC’s Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, Bond was portrayed by actor Steve Rodgers, whilst in Nine’s The Great Mint Swindle he was played by David Meadows. Max Gillies, Michael Veitch, John Wood (twice) and Brad Oakes have also portrayed Bond.

Nine would even have the ability to film extravagant 1980s scenes at its own Willoughby headquarters -it would just have to rip up the carpet to expose the green marble floor. Do it!


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    I’m tipping Lachy Hulme to play Kerry Packer even tho’ we’ll prob only see him when he sells Nine to Bond and then again when he buys it back at half the price.

  2. I’m not being disrespectful but he only just passed away and they are already making this? It will be good don’t get me wrong but come on. Anyone else think its too soon?

  3. I had a feeling they were gonna do this. I’ll watch it for sure.
    I hope Channel 9 do a mini-series about Kerry Packer and his time as boss at Channel9.

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