Oops. Today promo spoils Married at First Sight.


Viewers of Married at First Sight were waiting to see which couple would split last night, after promos suggested one couple would not make it to the end of the episode.

But before they could guess who would bail the jig was up. A Today promo showed 3 “remaining couples” set to appear on this morning’s episode.

That made it abundantly clear that Roni and Michael would be splitsville, which indeed transpired later in the episode.

Michael couldn’t bring himself to fall for Roni, prompting her to head back home.

Thankfully no divorce is necessary, given the TV wedding was just that.

Next week the remaining three couples will clarify if they will stick together when the camera stop


  1. They have foreshadowed Ronnie and Michael splitting up since episode 1 and by last episode they weren’t even talking and Ronnie was having a meltdown.

    Two of the other couples we put together to clash and are disfunction and you can’t tell about the 4th because they haven’t showed of them, possibly because they are just going through the motions for the cameras and not providing any interesting footage.

  2. So promos full of spoilers are now extending beyond lovechild?

    I stopped watching this show after seeing the double episode preview on jumpin. They provided very flimsy reasons for the pairings and the show gave off the feel that they were paired for television. Not surprised two of the couples so far haven’t worked out.

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