Report: Streaming numbers favour Netflix

Roy Morgan releases estimates that suggest a giant gap between streaming services.


Roy Morgan Research has released numbers it estimates for online subscription services.

After surveying over 2000 Australians aged 14 and over last month it estimates Netflix has garnered 1,039,000 Australians in 400,000 households.

By contrast it puts 97,000 Australians subscribed to Presto; 91,000 had Stan; 43,000 had Quickflix and 40,000 had Foxtel Play, the streaming version of its Pay TV service.

“Roy Morgan’s subscription TV data on Netflix and its local competitors reveals it’s so far been a one-sided battle,” said Tim Martin, General Manager – Media, Roy Morgan Research.

“But our early research also shows that the war’s far from over, especially when it comes to Foxtel. Over 5 million Australians live in a household subscribed to Foxtel, whether directly or as bundled with other services through a telecommunications provider such as Telstra or Optus—and this currently includes around 300,000 Netflix subscribers. Are they adding Netflix, and planning to keep Foxtel too? Or were they holding on to Foxtel until Game of Thrones wrapped up season five last week?

“In the SVOD space, Netflix’s dominance is clear. Up to half of all subscribers to Stan, Quickflix or Presto are also subscribed to Netflix—perhaps bingeing for a month on free content across the options, preparing to make a decision about which, if any, earns their continuing monthly spend.

“But it also might not be an either-or proposition. As each has different content available, many Australian TV lovers may choose to subscribe to multiple SVOD providers, switching between Orange is the New Black on Netflix, Better Call Saul on Stan, the HBO back catalogue on Presto and a new release movie (or delayed Game of Thrones marathon) on Quickflix.

“With each new month of incoming data collected from over 2000 Australian around the country, we’ll be better able to track and understand how SVOD is impacting the Australian media landscape.”

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  1. I had Netflix for a month free and paid the second. Only used it three times. In all cases the quality was shocking (resolution) and I paid for HD content… Gave it a pass and have had Foxtel for many many years and I’ll always have Foxtel too.

  2. does that data include people on free trials or just paying customers? if is does include free trials i’d say we’ll get a true-er indication once the bulk of the initial free trials have ended. Netflix would have to be heavily inflated by the fetch tv deal. Presto should increase once it is available on more platforms and more content is available. I’m very surprised to see presto in the same league, let alone ahead of Stan. Presto is very inaccessible to many people and Stan has had a much stronger promotional push.

  3. I have 6 months from Optus — whether I would maintain the service beyond that I don’t know. It’s a bit different when you see those dollars leave your bank account!

    I’m not surprised Netflix is the most-used. To be frank I think its biggest advantage is Netflix’s availability. Xboxs, Playstations, lots of Blu-Ray players and smart TVs, Fetch TV. Stan and Presto just don’t have that device availability.

  4. I’ve cancelled my Netflix after 3 months. For me there were a lot of tv shows and movies thaw just didn’t interest me. I find that between my PVR, online tv and Google play. That’ll do. I didn’t want to pay for something that I was hardly using.

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