Bumped: Mr. Selfridge


UK drama Mr. Selfridge is moving to 7TWO after this week.

It continues with double episodes at 10pm Saturdays from June 20th with Episode 7.

It should conclude a week later with two more episodes.

Episode 6 airs 11:30pm Thursday this week.



  1. This is a great show but a lack of advertising has meant that the Australian public have been unaware that it was available. I’ve recorded every episode as it was screened too late at night.

  2. Mr Selfridge is a series that would be better placed on our ABC. Anticipating the problems with British series’ on AU commercial networks a while back we now get DVD’s for all UK drama series’ we watch, and it fits better in our household scheduling

  3. harrypotter1994

    Right, because the show was really hurting them at 1130pm on a Thursday night….will have to remember to tape these on the new night now

  4. Reports of its demise seem slightly exaggerated. Episode #3.6 is still listed for Thursday night on Seven. And the its the last 4 eps of the season will then be burnt of as double eps from Sat 20th on 72.

    I’m still enjoying Mr Selfridge.

  5. TasTVcameraman

    I must be in the minority, to watch this excellent show, why can’t Seven put on these shows earlier…….because they have to show inane House Rules or the equally inane My Kitchen Rules.

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