Rumour: Next cast for Dancing with the Stars

Rumour mill gathers pace on potential dance cards for Seven's returning series.


Matthew Mitcham, My Kitchen Rules contestant Ash Pollard and former Weekend Today weather presenter are rumoured to be joining Dancing with the Stars, according to the Herald Sun.

Mitcham was a participant in Seven’s belly-flop Celebrity Splash. If he joins the next season of DWTS it remains to be seen if he will have a male dancing partner, something ABC’s Strictly Dancing did a decade ago.

Seven has been teasing its new cast in a style TEN adopted for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!:

He’s a gold medal Olympian who holds an all-time record in the pool. But he’s been doing something else while no one’s watching. Now it’s time for you to see who will be Dancing with the Stars.

He’s played footy for Australia at the highest level in both league and rugby. But he’s been doing something else while no one’s watching. Now it’s time for you to see who will be Dancing with the Stars.

Shane Bourne is hosting the new season with Edwina Bartholomew.

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  1. Agree the gender of the dance partner should not be an issue: either male or female, whichever the star and producers decide they prefer. If the star wants a same-sex partner it shouldn’t be a problem. That said, if Seven wants to create some discussion around the show it would be a casting opportunity.

      1. I know exactly what you mean, Gaz.
        A number of times over the years I have felt uncomfortable about doing something because of how I “think” it may impact others, only to find that it was a non-issue for them and the problem was all in my own head. Like I was dealing with my own internalised homophobia. The outcome was always liberating when I found I was wrong. Be interesting to see what they decide to do … if he has a male partner it will definitely challenge a lot of people … and that is a good thing!

  2. I’m delighted to hear that the wonderful Matt Mitcham will be dancing. Does he really care if he has a male or female partner?
    I may now have to watch it with him in it, despite being very put-off by the choice of hosts. 🙁
    But I always record it and fast forward through to the bits I want to watch (I can skip them completely) … each episode drags on for far, far too long!

  3. They’re dance partners, not lining up to have an affair ! It’s ridiculous to suggest any gay contestant should dance with someone of the same sex. The show would lose even more credibility than they do, calling their contestants “stars”. Anyone who’s been anywhere near a reality show is now a “star”. Yeah, 15 minutes worth.

  4. I find it to be hilarious that channel 7 thinks we actually have stars well yer sure matt Mitcham is a star he won gold but it looks like channel 7 thinks that everyone who is on TV is a star atleast the American version they have people that the majority of people know

  5. just remaining this show Dancing With The Channel7 Stars- because majority of the winners have been from channel 7 stars or people who sign to 7 straight after the show. this should be the last year for it i think

  6. In one instance I find it unnecessary for Matthew to dance with a same-sex partner, on the other hand there is same-sex ballroom dancing classes and competitions, so it would draw attention to that aspect of the industry as well.

  7. There is a high proportion of gay professional dancers.
    This doesn’t mean they have to dance with same-gender partners.
    Ballroom dancing would be frockless if this were the case.

  8. Ian Roberts had a female dance partner, so I would expect Matthew to also have a female partner. I don’t know if Australia is ready for two guys partnering each other in some very seductive and romantic routines on commercial TV in prime time.

  9. Matthew Mitcham dancing with a male partner is a no brainer. Why should he be forced to be someone he is not? Maybe this will help change minds on the issue of same sex marriage! Equal rights. Imagine Tony Abbott being made to dance with a male partner on Dancing with the Stars! Would he be furious, refuse and big public backlash!

  10. It’s a real shame Larry Emdur was forced to host the Celebrity Splash belly-flop. He made a great host of DWTS filling in for Daryl. Wish Larry was hosting rather than Shane Bourne. Shane is funny, but Larry is funny too and has that sense of class that DWTS needs.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Unless it’s going to change to “sleeping with the stars”, then I think it should be gender that is the consideration rather than the persons sexuality.

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