Shane Bourne next host for Dancing with the Stars


The very versatile Shane Bourne will be the host of the next season of Dancing with the Stars on Seven.

He replaces Daniel MacPherson who quit after 7 seasons.

Bourne, who has hosted Thank God You’re Here and the Logie Awards, becomes the third host for the show, with Daryl Somers as the original host.

Seven’s Director of Network Programming, Angus Ross said, “Shane’s live TV experience is second to none, and we are thrilled to welcome him to the Dancing with the Stars family.”

“I am extremely excited, and cannot wait for the show to start; it’s got every ingredient you want in a great live show,” Bourne said.

Co-host Edwina Bartholomew added, “Shane is everything you could possibly want in a co-host. He thinks on his feet, he’s hilarious and is no stranger to live TV. I can’t wait to work with him.”

Also returning are Todd McKenney, Helen Richey, and Kym Johnson -but Adam Garcia is out after 2 seasons.

Cast for the 15th season are yet to be announced along with an airdate.



  1. Michael Young

    No sorry, he’s not interesting and not funny. Edwina never worked for me at all.
    Looks like it will be the final season of DWTS!

  2. While the younger demo might not be the prime audience, Shane seems designed to completely alienate that group.

    Kris Smith, Larry Emdur or …gasp, female host would have made far more sense.

  3. Fantastic choice. Bourne is old-school class, something we lack on television these days. I think he’ll be fantastic! Hopefully they have a quality cast of celebs this year, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Also David, I think Daniel MacPherson hosted 7 series, rather than 8?

  4. Think its a good choice, he’s funny and enjoys a good laugh which is great these days, to much negative things in life nowadays and this is a family show and don’t know if this show has ever appealed as much to the younger viewers I am sure they think it old fashioned so having a mature person on the show with some light hearted comedy think it will make good viewing.

      • You misunderstand. My comment is a direct response to Head of Programming saying Shane Bourne’s Live TV experience is “second to none.” I’m not suggesting Bert, Daryl or Rove should be the host (one already has!).

      • And what is the right demo, pray tell??? To an older viewer (they do exist) Shane is exactly the right demo. Why should everything be slanted towards the younger demo who don’t watch much TV, as against the older people who do watch it far more. Anyway funny is funny, no matter what your age.

  5. David … do you know if they are replacing Adam Garcia? or back to a 3 person panel? … excited to see what Shane brings to the show, wonder if he’d been asked to dance before

  6. What a bizzare choice. He would have been one of my last guesses. Why did they bother with younger hosts laat season if theyrr going back to this?

  7. Wrong move 7. They need a younger demographic for the show and Shaun is not. It is like bringing back Daryl Summers. I predict final season fro DWTS.

  8. Shane Bourne good actor, comedian and all round good bloke, sadly we don’t watch reality shows. The funniest thing I can remember about Shane Bourne is from Hey Hey it’s Saturday when he and Maurie Fields (RIP MF you are missed) did a duet on piano. We have kept that clip, processing it from VCR to DVD and onto MP4 over the years

  9. Very happy to see Shane will be hosting. He will be a lot of fun! Sorry to see Adam Garcia won’t be coming back. I have been a long time fan!

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