Sting guest stars in Open Slather

Sting makes a surprise guest appearance on Open Slather this Sunday, cornered in his hotel room by a wannabe rock star hotel employee who belts out a tragic soft rock tune to impress him.

He is one of several big names to have filmed an appearance in the sketch comedy series with others including Paul Hogan, Gerry Connolly, Hamish Blake and Martina Navratilova.

This week also includes a Shark Tank parody.

Also in episode 5:

– Gina Rileyano comes up against her toughest opponent yet – Gina Rileyano
– We catch up with Ronald McDonald and what HE has been doing since leaving Macca’s
– Edith finds herself ignored yet again at Downton Abbey
– And Don Draper learns the way of the mobile phone

Sunday at 7.30pm on The Comedy Channel.

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