US to adapt Doc Martin series

Team behind Friends, The Office & Ugly Betty set their sights on a Martin Clunes clone.


Uh oh. Doc Martin is getting a US adaptation.

Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman will remake the show with Ben Silverman of Electus Productions.

“We are thrilled to be adapting this hilarious [and] smart show for America,” said Silverman.

Doc Martin has changed viewers worldwide with its excellent concept and unique style of comedy, and we’re proud to be working with Marta Kauffman on this exciting show.”

“We are delighted to be working with Ben and his team on Doc Martin. It’s rare to connect with other producers who share the same sensibility and vision,” Kauffman added.

Kauffman most recently launched Grace and Frankie, while Silverman has had success with US adaptations of The Office, Ugly Betty plus Jane the Virgin.

Hopefully they can get this right -and it isn’t a real-life Episodes.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. Oh no. Haven’t the Americans learned yet that they just can’t successfully remake UK or Australian shows (The Office excluded). Remember Rake? Remember Life on Mars? It just doesn’t work because they don’t get our humour. Oh dear!!

  2. Yes…the US does not have a good track record with UK and Australian series remakes…..
    And re Doc Martin….I wish SBS would show series 3 of Doc Martin France…I really enjoyed that version…it seems to have been lost when SBS2 was re branded….
    In fact …after all this time…re run all the series from the beginning…

  3. Another transformation, to a documentary! Filmed in a small, secluded US coastal town where every resident has a psychological problem, scant regard for authority, a distrust of their neighbours, a disrespect for the environment and a surfeit of shady money making schemes. Doc Martini is a “Consultant Physician” who has to barter for his fees.

  4. To be fair, before we all jump on the bandwagon, the US version of The Office probably surpassed the original UK version, so its unlikely but not impossible for the US version to surpass or take Doc Marten to new and different places (not that its my cup of tea). Listening to you guys you would think that the US is incapable of producing good TV….

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