1.09m viewers….. should Nine produce a local Lip Sync Battle?


If Lip Sync Battle keeps up these kinds of numbers you can bet your bottom dollar Nine will greenlight a local version (if they haven’t already).

Last night the show drew 1.09m viewers, in what must be some of the most cost-effective programming on the schedule. While that may include some spillage from The Voice, last week’s episode was only adjusted by 5,000 viewers, meaning this week’s will likely remain above the magic million.

Elsewhere last night Australian Story‘s profile of Gina Rinehart drew 862,000, much of the episode focussed on the Hancock history than recent events. Part 2 airs next week.

The Project had a strong second half, pipping Home and Away.

Nine network won with 29.3% then Seven 27.6%, TEN 19.1%, ABC 18.9% and SBS 5.0%.

The Voice (1.47m) topped the night. Next for Nine were Nine News (1.26m / 1.16m), Lip Sync Battle (1.09m),  A Current Affair (1.03m) and Hot Seat (674,000). Footy Classified was 295,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.02m / 980,000) was best for Seven then House Rules (972,000), Home and Away (750,000), The Blacklist (578,000), Million Dollar Minute (567,000). Movie: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was 130,000.

MasterChef Australia (1.1m) led for TEN. The Project was 779,000 / 590,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 691,000, Have You Been Paying Attention? was 673,000. Under the Dome was 226,000 and Extant was 83,000.

ABC News (928,000) was strong for ABC. Australian Story (862,000), Four Corners (801,000), 7:30 (750,000), Media Watch (721,000) and Q & A (628,000) followed.

On SBS it was Pleasure and Pain (207,000), SBS World News (174,000) and Tour de France (170,000). Pan American Road Trip with Dara and Ed was 105,000.

Wimbledon scored best on multichannels at 394,000 / 369,000.

Sunrise: 299,000
Today: 242,000
ABC News Breakfast: 81,000 / 43,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 6 July 2015


  1. I think a local version of LSB could work if 9 cast it wisely. I could see David Campbell as host; he’s funny and knows his music and has his colorful commentator maybe rickie lee or prinnie stevens. but time will tell if Channel9 does give a go a head for a local LSB

  2. I read the Project split as first half hour/ second half hour, not highest/lowest.
    I just think ACA has done well @ 7pm (I don’t like it) ABC news is steady, but H&A has lost heaps in the last few years!

  3. Agree with most comments think an Australian version would be disastrous but I suppose knowing the way channel nine think, because this one is getting good ratings that a local version would be just as good, lets milk it. Very few shows of a similar nature that make it big in their own country and then have a local version made here never seem to get off the ground. Somehow channel 9 never seem to learn or don’t listen to the public, which are the people they have to cater for.

  4. Anne Hathaway wearing not much making fun of Miley Cyrus. Worth watching at least for one ep.. Scott Cam singing Midnight Oil hosted by a Stevanovic? Nah. Remember celebrity hole in the wall?
    Lasted 5 eps.

  5. Don’t need a local version of Lip Sync.
    It would just be reality contestant v reality contestant,Hamish v Andy,Fatty v Sam Newman,hasbeen sports person v hasbeen sports person.

    No thanks.

  6. How interesting that – once again – TV has gone the full cycle.
    60 years ago (1956-59) we had a programme called “Your Hit Parade”, produced by HSV-7, featuring a cast of 5 miming and dancing to current day hits from the Top 40. The cast included John D’Arcy, Bernadette Russell, Don Bennetts and Don Carter.
    The dancing was pretty sad and the miming very off kilter. But it passed as entertainment back then!

  7. A local version of Lip Synch would end up having former Block and other reality show contestants – even DWTS has a former MKR contestant this year. As someone pointed out, it is the celebs that make the show and it’d need to have decent Aussie celebs.

  8. I doubt Lip Sync battle would work here with a local version, our audiences aren’t trained to do the “whoop whoop” super hype the American audiences seem to do, and most local Celeb’s wouldn’t show as much personality and charisma as the america’s on the show, unless you had maybe Hugh Jackman, but the talent pool dries up very shortly after that

    • Good call on Hugh – I was trying to come up with local celebs, and the best I could come up with was maybe Lee Lin doing something spoken word-ish like My Way or Common People.

      Rusty could’ve been good value, but I suspect his sense of humour was washed overboard during the filming of Master And Commander…

  9. Ouch re: ‘The Blacklist’ not making the top 20 for the night! If only 7 had known that the Kyrgios game would be on at approximately the same time, since I think that match would have drawn huge figures had it been on the main channel.

  10. The Blacklist, (rating half what it once did), still out rates Australia’s last player losing in a 4th round Wimbledon match on a secondary channel. But it gets smashed by celebrities making fools of themselves (with a big lead-in).

    SBS continued their tradition of going to an ad break just before the most significant event of the day’s racing happens.

    • The blacklist is 6 months old so many who wanted to see it would have already seen it, in HD and not waited for seven to say it was ok to watch it, in SD.

  11. Lip Sync was good but can’t picture a local version, we all know how Nine takes something good and screws up the local version, Top Gear anyone. And who would host it?
    Also any guesses as to why they skipped the 2nd ep and went to ep 3 this week?

  12. Some great figures for Ten last night, but Extant should have been moved to either Eleven or One with those figures last night for the season 2 premiere. Given the Masterchef overrun they should have just brought the encore of The Project forward. I doubt it will last long there.

    • I was surprised Extant hasn’t been advertised at all by Ten. Its only because of the ads during under the dome that I stayed up to watch it. Nice change of pace, but I hope it ends after season 2.

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