ABC Shops to close, 300 jobs to go


ABC has confirmed it will phase out its ABC Shops following dwindling sales and a move to online retail.

Up to 300 jobs will be lost from 50 stores around the country and 78 ABC Centres in other retail outlets.

In the face of funding cuts and revenue an ABC statement said it was no longer possible for the ABC to sustain a large network of leased stores, traditionally reliant on DVD and CD formats.

Robert Patterson, Director of ABC Commercial said: “The ABC Shops have been an important part of the ABC’s relationship with its audiences for the past 35 years and this decision has not been taken lightly. However, this strategy will create a more cost effective, nimble and flexible approach to servicing customers.

“This direction is also in keeping with the shift of ABC audiences to accessing content across an array of digital platforms, while maintaining an appropriate level of physical retail distribution. The ABC is confident that this new strategy will ensure continued audience engagement. Consumers will still be able to purchase much loved content both online and in stores.”

The Head of ABC Retail, Regina Hoekstra, said “the welfare of our staff will be a primary focus over the next few months.  We are conscious that the ABC Shop is close to the hearts of our teams and we appreciate their ongoing hard work and dedication.

“ABC Shop is a trusted brand with a strong product offer, loyal customers and an engaged, committed team. ABC Retail will continue to adapt to an ever-changing retail climate in order to provide a sustainable retailing experience for customers.”

The news came just one day after ABC Commercial announced former SBS Director of TV Tony Iffland as general manager, ABC content sales.


  1. Who else is going to promote and sell political stuff like politician cook books and autobiographies? Maybe Abbott didn’t factor this in when he broke his promise and cut millions from the ABC budget. Looks like the ABC is cutting the very egotistical things Abbott and his cronies would have actually tapped into. Without standalone stores where millions pass by every year, no more big entrance posters, no more politician faces in feel good promotional products. No more jobs too.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    My bestie loves the ABC shop…because of the service ….you dont get the same at other stores….
    She is not online…does not even own a computer…so online shopping is not an option for her….and I suspect, for many others….
    Many who live in cyber land think the whole world does also…and they are very wrong.

    • Very true. And the ABC won’t be able to do an SBS and mention specific retailers to get their Miss Fisher DVDs or Peppa Pig toys from now.
      Yes the service generally great and they usually had some obscure last minute Christmas gift in stock when I needed it.

  3. Canberra has the highest viewership and listenership of the ABC in Australia and the ABC Shops are always very busy here. A big pity Canberrans have to be denied their ABC Shops because people interstate wouldn’t patronise theirs.

  4. The ABC shop in my suburb closed over a year ago and the area is now a cafe/restaurant. The nearby Public Library has a large digital section in addition to it’s paper based items but justifying a Library in a shopping centre must be difficult. Myopia isn’t confined to the “small-screen” generation.

    • You must live near me. Sad for the staff in a tough jobs market.

      I hope the Doctor who gimmicky stuff gets sold somewhere besides online, or my mum is going to struggle with her Christmas shopping.

      I saw someone from Tasmania complaining about not being able to get their ABC/BBC DVDs now. Do they not have JB hifi in Tasmania? They usually have a good ABC/BBC/SBS section often with better prices.

      • Yes, we have two JBs within Hobart and suburbs. As a former ABC shop employee, I think a lot of people who would have shopped at the ABC shop, wouldn’t go into a JB.

      • Only have 2 JB Hifis in Tas. They’re 10 mins apart, both in Hob. We don’t have a lot of the bigger retail chains (David Jones for eg) or many stores of some (Big W and JB Hifi for eg).
        Its a small price to pay to live in paradise though!!

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