Billie McKay wins MasterChef 2015


24 year old Billie McKay has won MasterChef Australia 2015 and a job offer to work at The Fat Duck from Heston Blumenthal.

The offer came on top of the $250,000 cash, Alfa Romeo, a monthly column in Delicious magazine and the series title.

The finale included a 5 hr challenge to recreate a Heston dish before family and former contestants.

The triple challenge reduced both contestants to tears -including the ultra composed Billie- with George Calombaris having to deliver pep talks. But even under the pressure of the final challenge, Billie found time to encourage her competitor.

Billie, from Ballina NSW, was described by Matt Preston as the “most complete cook we’ve ever seen in this competition.”

“This has just been the greatest time of my life,” she said in response.

“I don’t know where to start! It’s an unbelievable feeling not only to win, but to have this offer to work at The Fat Duck is beyond my wildest dreams.

“The whole MasterChef Australia experience has been the biggest learning curve of my life. I owe a lot to Gary, George and Matt, I can’t thank them enough,” she said later.

“To Georgia, to have come all this way with her has made the experience so much more amazing as we’re such good mates. I’m always amazed at her creativity and how genuine, fun and happy she is, even when things weren’t going her way.

“I’m completely blown away to have been offered a job with Heston. I would never have dreamt at the start of the competition that was even a vague possibility. From Ballina to Bray, who would have thought.”

Round One:
Billie: 21 points
Georgia: 23 points

Round Two:
Billie: 25 points
Georgia: 27 points

Round Three
Billie: 36 points
Georgia: 30 points

Billie: 82 points
Georgia: 80 points

As Runner-Up Georgia won $20,000 and Second Runner-Up Jessica pocketed $10,000.

Georgia said: “To Billie, what an amazing girl. I’m so excited for her and couldn’t have asked for a better friend to have been through this crazy adventure with. “I’ve got so many ideas running through my mind for the future. I’d love to get into presenting and doing food demonstrations and events, I’ve had a taste of it now and I love the buzz of teaching people. Food styling and writing is also a passion I really want to pursue. I can’t wait to get started,” she said.

After a strong season for TEN, MasterChef is already calling for contestants for 2016.


  1. Thrilled for Billie. She proved throughout the series she was a fabulous cook who was always willing to listen and had an enviable ability to remain calm in trying times. Her humility and talent will take her far.
    What a fantastic opportunity Heston has given her.

  2. jezza the first original one

    So pleased for Billie,she has been my favourite all along and deserved to win.I like Georgia a lot and have enjoyed watching her as well. I hate this filming of 2 endings, it really is crap for ch10s biggest tentpole show. Raise your game ch10 for next year, live results announced finale please

  3. Lol we do know the Fat Duck is in Uk we go there every 2 yrs the one.opened here in Melb was only short term until UK was renovated, as for final being filmed in April yep sure was but TWO endings were filmed so neither contenstant knew who one until last night’s Live announcement with final dish scores announced last night

  4. A superb series and well deserved win from Billie. I do wish they would go the way of Survivor style reunion shows for the final results – even a fan like myself isn’t keen on the knowledge that two endings were filmed to maintain secrecy, and a live show would be an awesome wrap up of stories to catch up on where contestants are at now.

  5. Sorry Rach, they were an extraordinary bunch, and seeing as how filming finished in April sometime, negative online comments (like yours), would have had no bearing on the final result at all. What a silly remark.

      • So you obviously missed the minor details that proved your theory incorrect?

        They were:
        – judges wearing different clothes
        – previous contestants wearing different clothes
        – different family members behind contestants
        – all the previous immunity pin chefs there
        – previous MC winners in attendance

        But yeah, stick with your theory if it makes you feel better

  6. Great season! All the outraged people claiming it was rigged for georgia to win and will not watch again will now be able to enjoy next years show….

  7. While I enjoy aspects of Masterchef, I’m afraid their finale’s always undermine the notion that the show is about cooking. This year Georgia was four points ahead on the strength of the first two rounds, which were both about creating recipes and cooking them from scratch. So when it came to presenting real food with flair, she beat Billie hands down. The final round was a Blumenthal challenge that was molecular gastronomy to the max – liquid nitrogen, sugar blowing, all kinds of chemical additives. It was just a race against time and technology as the contestants dutifully followed a blueprint neither of them really understood. They could have been cooking up crystal meth, for all they really knew. And it was purely on this basis that Billie earned enough points to win. (Well, actually, the challenges are structured cleverly so that the judges can pretty much decide either…

    • “all kinds of chemical additives” – such as?
      “when it came to presenting real food with flair, she beat Billie hands down” – Round 1 Georgia was 2 points ahead (from 3 judges). Round 2 Georgia was 2 points ahead (from 3 judges). Hardly “hands down”. They knew exactly what they were cooking. Something they can expect if they want to work in a three Michelin star restaurant.

  8. I assume the its-rigged-Georgia-has-it-in-the-bag crowd will be posting their mea culpas without delay.

    Well done to Billie. She was clearly the most complete and consistent performer over the whole series.

  9. It was a cooking contest, not a popularity contest. The best cook won, judged by four judges. Can we please end the venom spraying as on the other post yesterday, and apparently as continuing on anti-social media? Congratulations to the winner.

  10. I didn’t realise the job offer was for the original Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, Berkshire, I assumed it would be the Melbourne FD. Wow, that is an offer in a million!!

  11. I found the first two challenges uninteresting. I was bored throughout them and was barely paying attention. When Georgia hit the lead I thought that 4 points would be too much for Billie to make up. So as I was considering turning off the tv they mentioned that the final score would decided be by 4 judges and 40 points. So doing the math and realising its a minimum 1 points difference from from 3 judges and 2 from one for Billie to win so I stuck around. Glad I kept watching because seeing Billie perform in that pressure test was good television. I don’t think the final needed to be 2.5 hours as they could’ve condensed the first 2 challenges a lot more.

  12. So after the flood of online comments the producers listened and gave it to the best of an ordinary bunch, we won’t be at the Fat Duck don’t want to pick out Billies hair from our meals..yuk

    • Unless you’re planning a trip to the UK they won’t be expecting you at The Fat Duck. Yes, the judges and the producers really do what the anti-social media trolls dictate. Ability has nothing to do with the outcome? OMG, spare me. “Billie was described by Matt Preston as the “most complete cook we’ve ever seen in this competition”.

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